Weeknotes #234

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  • I forgot to write about this last week but after growing my hair for more than six months, I finally got it cut. Even after all that time it wasn’t especially long and I have no idea how men in 80s rock bands have hair that long (Poison, I’m talking about Poison).

  • The actual haircut was, well, it wasn’t interesting to you but I have three small children and get my kicks where I can find them. So, there’s a cut-price barber near the train station that I’ve patronised since we moved here. I’ve never especially liked the vibe of the place, though, and when I walked in to discover (a) a queue and (b) the prices have increased another 100 yen, I decided to check out a place closer to our house. It’s on the second floor (first to citizens of Commonwealth countries) of a building and was hilariously low budget: the chair wasn’t a special hairdresser chair and the mirror was just a full-length mirror that was in front of the ordinary chair. Surprisingly the barber looked about my age rather than geriatric. He was fast and I was out of there in six minutes. I never get anything especially challenge so it’s not that impressive but still, will definitely return.

  • I finished Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk, partly on the Kindle, partly through the Audible app. The book did make me a little more predisposed to Musk than I might have been in the past but more than anything it made me see Musk’s manic approach to his companies as really a belief that the way to manage business successfully is to periodically cut too much so you can find what’s unnecessary and then put only that back. I want to say it’s a shame he’s such an arsehole but maybe you need some arseholes for this kind of stuff?

  • So after not doing very much programming for… a while, I’ve relapsed and spent a silly amount of time working on Janet. Of course, it’s not one of the existing projects I have: it’s a new one, a Janet client for the Conjure plugin for Neovim. Conjure has two existing plugins—one of which I have already contributed to!—but they don’t really work well for editing code across a project and I had an idea about how to do it. I have a proof of concept but what I’m already working towards something much more programmatic. It’s basically what I hoped Clojure’s prepl had been (I wanted to make prepl a hyperlink and the fact that I couldn’t find a good page explaining it on the Clojure website tells you all you need to know).

  • Lindsay Ellis put a video essay on YouTube! It’s over 100 minutes and is called ‘Yoko and the Beatles’ even though it’s really about the modern concept of celebrity and while it’s been on Nebula for a while now, I still haven’t subscribed so I hadn’t seen it yet and I loved it.

  • I’ve never been that into sketch comedy on YouTube, but did really like this one about a band of fantasy heroes that The Algorithm™ suggested to me. Good job, Algorithm.

  • It’s a YouTube link trifecta this week because rather than something on Apple Music, I wanted to link to this cover of Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’ in the style of the Strokes and it’s not there (YouTube). Enjoy!

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