I ended up getting a set of AirPods after all. I miss the controls you have with the clicker on the BeatsX earphones but I couldn’t find it in me to take the risk that I’d have more success with another pair (they’d already been replaced once).

I’m pretty sure of two things: (1) my BeatsX earphones are dead and (2) I’ll buy a new pair tomorrow. As tempted as I am by the AirPods (and as stupid as it is to buy the same version of a product that inexplicably broke), I need the clicker.

Ugh, it’s probably the fact that I’m doing a full-scale rewrite but I’m finding it difficult to find enthusiasm. I’m making progress but it’s very slow.

I support the idea of publishing to open platforms but it’s a mistake to think open platforms can’t be toxic. Every social platform—particularly ones where conversations are public (and, hence, performative)—is susceptible to anti-social behaviour.

That thing where, near what you thought was the end of a software project, you rip the guts out and rewrite it from almost scratch.

Every couple of months I get curious about Mastodon and check to see if there’s a nice looking iOS client (the answer is no).

I wish Safari (especially Mobile Safari) had the concept of ‘workspaces’ so I could keep tabs from different ‘projects’ separate.

Ugh, just damaged the back of a rental car. Not sure how much this is going to cost me. Oh, and that’s after picking up a fine for speeding. This isn’t going to be a cheap trip.

After a year of working from home three afternoons a week, I’ve cut that down to one. Feels weird now to be in the office so much.

My image gallery plugin for Jekyll now allows the maximum quality to be set. If something other than ‘original’, it’ll use a thumbnail matching that setting instead. Woo!

I’m supposed to be working from home but it’s a really nice day and my daughter wanted to go to Tokyo Station so apologies all the telecommuting people, I’m the reason we can’t have nice things.

Look, I’m not saying I’m solely responsible for Apple’s keyboard repair program, I’m just saying I complain about a problem and, within a week, Apple’s announced a global program aimed at said problem. Connect the dots, people.