With the new beta of Sunlit making the app much more of a true Instagram replacement, I’ve moved Sunlit out of the folder it was hiding in and into a prominent place on my main home screen. I’m really excited to see how this is received once it’s available.

Ho-ly shiiiiiiit: the new timeline in the beta version of Sunlit is basically Instagram. It is exactly what I was hoping for.

The problem looks like it might have gone but I just had the left-hand side command key stop working. I bought this MacBook exactly one year ago today. I think that means it’s now out of warranty.

I’m fascinated but how much ‘cooler’ you can make a bog-standard common noun by adding another noun in front of it (eg. musician → session musician). Almost any such combination tickles my fancy but if I had to pick an all-time favourite it’d be ‘table water’.

That feeling where you’ve been reading too much and words start to look wrong. Has ‘corruption’ always had two Rs?

I don’t see the point of ARKit unless Apple has a pair of glasses coming. None of the uses make sense to me so long as you’re viewing it on a screen you hold in your hands.

I’m refactoring some code I wrote six months ago and while I know I should, I’m finding it very difficult to want to write new tests for the additional code.

I didn’t realise until I saw a poster this morning that 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Meiji Era. That I could go until June not realising this is a good prompt that I’ve been neglecting reading any Japanese news.

The Siri shortcuts stuff announced at WWDC was the most interesting thing to me. I’m not sure how good this approach is but it’s preferable to only a narrow domain of intents.

I’m worried the reason there’s not been much that’s leaked in respect of WWDC is that there’s not much they’re going to say. Hopefully this is wrong.

I may have said this already but that’s simply additional proof that it’s difficult to overstate how bad the 1Blocker X icon is.

I’ve finally given up trying to use Apple Maps as my default mapping app. The proverbial straw for me has been the inconsistency with which it will send directions to my Watch. I don’t know what’s precisely at fault there (I suspect the Watch) but I also don’t care.

Finally completely the mobile number portability process for my wife’s number only to realise that her phone is locked. I am an idiot.

While we’re all talking about Bond themes can I be the hundredth person to point out that Radiohead’s ‘Spectre’ would be in the top five if they’d had the balls to go through with it? Still can’t believe they went with ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ instead.