There was a period in the 2000s where I would diligently edit the metadata of any song to move ‘(feat. )' out of the song title.

‘Goldman Sachs’ is one of those names that if it were the name of a fictitious bank you’d say is a little too on the nose.

For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve decided to patch Blessed to allow cursor key navigation in text areas. I’ve got rudimentary left/right navigation working.

I don’t know if the RapGenius guys ever built a viable business but I’m going to be sad if/when they need to fold. ‘See (C) on both sides like Chanel’? Of course!

BeatsX earphones are terrific. I’m sad they don’t get the same love as AirPods. They’re like a special set of AirPods you don’t need to put in a case.

I bought a LIVA Z last night and it just arrived! Still getting used to the fact they’re reusing the Pentium name.

A couple of days ago I discovered there’s a guy on Twitter, @HowMichael, who has the same given name as me and uses virtually the same avatar image I do (a cropped profile from a Blur album cover). He’s a nice guy but I am extremely weirded out by this.

Need to write a blog post about using Travis CI to generate a Jekyll site for hosting with GitHub Pages. There’s a lot of information out there but a great deal of it is either old or incomplete. Found it quite difficult to find a simple step by step guide.

I’ve been having an issue using Mosh, Vim and Screen together. After a period of time, the arrow keys stop working properly. According to this, :set term=builtin_ansi fixes it. It did for me but I don’t understand why.

Customising a blog set up with Jekyll and GitHub Pages feels hilariously more difficult than it should. Just can’t find simple information, eg. ‘How should you customise the sidebar of a theme?’, ‘How should you get the home page to show a list of posts?’