I’ve hit that moment after being awake for almost 24 hours where you wonder why you’ve been awake for almost 24 hours.

That feeling when you need to pay another ¥13,000 to Microsoft because their latest update to Windows 10 broke your hack way of enabling Remote Desktop.

I’ve successfully installed iTunes 10.7 and Requiem 4.1 on my little Windows machine! Glad to be able to play my purchased videos wherever I want. I’m really amazed the iTunes Store still loads.

It’s almost four in the morning and I still need to do the dishes but I’ve finally fixed footnote references on my blog moving onto new lines by themselves (ie. dangling references). Winning!

Gadzooks! Why did nobody tell me that Jamie Cullum released an album of covers last month? Isn’t this literally what I pay you for, Apple Music?

Has anyone noticed an occasional glitch in the home screen of iOS 12 where there’s a flash of an app in the top-left corner?

I’m going to try out using MB with only replies that include followed users showing. It’s great to see the quantity of conversation here but I feel like I’m missing too many original posts.

The good news: I’ve made my budget spreadsheet thingy for 2019. The bad news: This rate of spending isn’t sustainable.

It’s Christmas Eve and my daughter said she wanted to go to Tokyo Station. We were there yesterday but I’m a sucker for going somewhere so I guess it’s back we go!

iA Writer is like this app from a parallel universe in which no other text editor works with Dropbox. They realise they’re alone in this, right?

I’m tempted to switch away from Tokyo Electric purely out of spite. Who thought it was a good idea to make telemarketing calls to their customers during business hours?

One thing not enough reviewers stressed about the MacBook Escape and the MacBook Air is how frustrating it is to have both ports on one side of the device. You replace MagSafe with a solution that should allow charging from any side and then you completely neuter that. Why?

I’m intrigued by the new domain registration service offered by Cloudflare but wow is their dashboard utterly shithouse on a phone.

I think I may be ready to move on from The Talk Show podcast. As best as I can tell, I’ve listened to every episode (in all incarnations) that have ever been published so it’s a little sad.