Smart assistants are still surprisingly stupid. Both Siri and Google Assistant failed when I asked them ‘What time is 15 hours from now?’ Siri got the correct answer when I asked ‘Calculate the time 15 hours from now’ (?!).

I dropped my XS on the weekend and now have a dinged corner. I’m trying to remember being grateful that’s all that was damaged.

I’ve been studying Japanese for the past couple of days with Kanshudo and have been enjoying it so far. As an intermediate learner, I really appreciate being able to take a test and have it tell me where to start.

I’m trying to watch The Last Jedi again and while I think the one star I awarded it after the first viewing was probably wrong, I cannot see past the flaws in the world building.

My wife eats Kit Kats by first breaking them inside the wrapping and then taking the fingers out separately as she eats them. I have never seen anyone eat Kit Kats like this.

Finally got my son to go to sleep and now need to go out and pick up my daughter. Can’t leave him in the house alone obviously but boy is it tempting.

Turns out leaving the planning of your wife’s birthday present to the day before her birthday is not the best idea.

It’s been more than a month and I’m not in love with the iPhone XS the way that others seem to be. The screen is lovely but Face ID continues to be hit and miss and I’m not seeing the dramatic improvements in photos I take that others have reported. Wish I’d stuck with the 7+.

I’ve had a blog post about how I first started sitting at the back of the class in draft form for ages. I can’t get happy with it.

I’m working from home for the next two weeks. It’s nice to be able to spend so much time with my kids; it’s almost impossible to get anything done.

I share the desire that people like @marco have expressed for custom watchfaces on the Apple Watch but I disagree that everyone currently uses the same set of faces. I use Numerals (weekday) and Activity Digital (weekend) and I get the sense that’s not what others use.

It’s kind of a relief to see people start criticising the Apple Watch. Admittedly, it’s not for precisely the things that bugged me but the immediate love-in after the announcement blew my mind and seeing that pulled back a little at least reassures me that I’m not crazy.

I don’t mean to say people are wrong about their feelings about Dark Mode but it seems to be misunderstood (not helped by the name). Its purpose is to make the content stand out. The fact that web pages, e-mails, etc are ‘blinding’ is the point.

Dear iOS Autocorrect

It’s been more than ten years and I can assure you that ‘Kapanese’ is always me misspelling ‘Japanese’. Feel free to start correcting that one at any time.

Your pal


I’ve got an action in 1Writer that saves the currently open file to a local copy of my blog’s Jekyll repo, commits the change and pushes to GitHub. That sets off its own chain of actions that results in my blog automatically rebuilding itself. All with a single tap on my phone!