Weeknotes #58

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  • This week was Emma’s 5th birthday. It’s very weird to have her be this old. It’s also saddening how much she’s missed this past year. I feel worse for older children and am grateful that she’s mostly at an age where this will likely not be much of a memory.

  • It otherwise felt like I did very little this week. Partly that’s because I spent a decent amount of time reading more about the Zig programming language. I’ve forgotten now where I read this but someone made the analogy that Rust is to C++ what Zig is to C and while I’m not sure about the Zig part, it feels true of Rust. I’ve had a soft spot for C since university but could never find a way into C++. I’ve similarly felt a certain… repulsion is too strong a word but Rust has never jibed with me.

  • ‘Jibe’ is a strange verb.

  • While I read a lot about Zig, the upshot of it all was that it made me want to write more in Janet. There’s definitely a certain appeal to lower-level languages but as someone who cares too much about syntax, nothing quite compares to Lisps.

  • Speaking of Lisps, the programming I did do was in connection with getting the Neovim plug-in, Conjure, to work better with Janet’s netrepl. Exciting stuff.

  • I’m not seeing any progress with my diet. It seems to me there are two possible explanations. The first is that a 20-hour fast is not effective for me to lose weight. I’ve done intermittent fasting before, though, and seen weight loss so I don’t think that’s it. The other explanation is that when I break my fast, I’m eating too much and even though the calories are only being consumed in a 4-hour window, they’re enough to keep my weight stable. I am indeed eating quite a lot when the fast is over so this seems like the right explanation. Right now my plan is to stop fasting but try to keep my caloric intake low during the day. We’ll see how that goes.

  • The progress Eri and I were making through Erased was halted as we slept closer to the front door for most of the week (in case there was another aftershock). I did start watching Law & Order from the beginning again. I’d made it to season 10 but have finally got high definition versions of the show and what started as ‘just checking out how it looks’ has blossomed into a rewatch. I have missed you, Richard Brooks.

  • Japan began vaccinations. There’s no timeline for when we’ll qualify but at least it’s a start.

  • I’ve never heard of Leopold Kozeluch but I wrote this listening to his Symphony in G Minor (Apple Music).

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