Weeknotes #221

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  • We were supposed to attend a picnic on Saturday but it was cancelled on account of poor weather. Concerned that Emma and John would go stir crazy after having to spend most of their final holiday week inside, I had the idea of taking them to an indoor playground called Asobono. We spent the morning there before I then took the two kids to a nearby Saizeriya for lunch. It all went swimmingly and I was proud of myself for throwing together such a great plan on the spur of the moment.

  • Feeling like my pride needed to fall somewhere, I had the crazy idea of walking the three kilometres or so from the restaurant to our old apartment in Honkomagome. Emma and John were both surprisingly good sports about it which made me feel all the worse when we finally arrived to discover that the building was undergoing a large-scale renovation. The entire complex was wrapped in what looked like black gauze, such that it was virtually impossible to see the building itself or take a decent photo of Emma and John standing in front of it. It turns out sometimes spur of the moment plans are awful.

  • The most surprising thing about the walk was being reminded how… plain that part of Bunkyo-ku is. We left in October 2016 and in the time since, I’d come to ‘remember’ the area as a lot more grand.

  • Saturday’s weather was a disappointment but Sunday turned out to be perfect for viewing the sakura. Perhaps chastened by the Honkomagome excursion, I didn’t throw something together for the whole family but Emma, Rowan and I were able to enjoy the flowers all in bloom as part of our regular fortnightly visit to the library.

  • After I wrote last week about apparently losing my Bitcoin, Brandon helped me find that the wallet was in fact not empty but that the money had apparently become ‘invisible’ to the wallet because (this is my supposition, not his) I hadn’t upgraded it. Brandon suggested I see if I could see the Bitcoin with BlueWallet and it worked! Concerned that perhaps the people running my old wallet didn’t have the best tech stack, I created a new wallet in BlueWallet and tried to move the money to it which has unfortunately precipitated a new problem. Apparently, the fee I set to register the transaction is too low and the transfer of funds continues to hang unverified almost a week or so on. I’ve tried to increase the fee a little but that hasn’t helped. This of course puts me in the dilemma of having to decide whether to bump the fee again or sit tight and wait to see if it will be added to the blockchain eventually. The future of money!

  • I don’t know why but I put off watching Alt Shift X’s latest A Song of Ice and Fire-related video on Jon Snow for the last month or so. I mean, I do know why. It’s because the video runs for two hours. Well, in any event, I’ve watched it now and it was great. It all brought me back to that period in 2020 when I was devouring all his previous videos.

  • I don’t remember the sequence of events but I found myself wanting to hear They Might Be Giants’ ‘Doctor Worm’ (Apple Music). I played it for Emma but she didn’t seem to be into it that much which was a little disappointing. It might be one of those things where, even though the lyrics are very childish, you need to be older to appreciate them. Either that or I’m old and the music I like is by definition un-cool.

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