Weeknotes #220

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  • It was Easter on Sunday! We gave the kids a similar collection of eggs to the ones we gave them last year. It’s still the case that pickings on Amazon are slim and outside of a Lindt bunny, there’s not much.

  • This happened last week but Apple was sued by the United States Department of Justice for violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Reading a lot of the commentary made me wish I could devote the time to reading the complaint and the surrounding case law. The commentary I’ve read tends to be quite dismissive of the thrust of the arguments (and perhaps they’re right) but I’m not so sure.

  • One tangential aspect of U.S. antitrust law that I wish I understood better was the impact of the consent decree between Microsoft and the Department of Justice. It’s become accepted wisdom that the consent decree was a waste of time and achieved little and maybe that’s true but I’ve always thought Microsoft’s complete neglect of Internet Explorer 6 was driven in part by concern about future DOJ action. In my recollection of events, it was this neglect that left space for Firefox (and then Chrome) and the proper embrace of web standards which in turn made things like Safari on the iPhone feasible.

  • Speaking of neglected, I think I’ve lost access to my Bitcoin wallet. I set up a wallet on Hive years ago for—and I realise this sounds ridiculous—a talk about cryptocurrency I gave in 2015 at a legal conference. To be more specific, I can still log in with my credentials but the wallet is empty. It shows no transactions so I have no idea what’s happened. My fault for not taking proper care of it.

  • Was everyone aware that Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ is composed of samples? Sample Sanctuary has an excellent breakdown showing how the samples fit together. I just assumed Gotye wrote the song but nope.

  • I finally finished My Dear Exes (Netflix). Like most Japanese dramas, the ending was a little anticlimactic but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it fresh to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

  • I’m into the final season of Seinfeld and it’s become bittersweet. I’m still enjoying the show and it is remarkable how many of the oft-quoted lines from the show are from these later episodes.

  • This also happened a couple of weeks back but (spoiler alert, I guess?) Jack McCoy left Law & Order. I love the character but he was a bad fit as the District Attorney and I’ve immediately preferred the episodes since he’s gone. I still think the Samantha Maroun character is barely one-dimensional and needs to be replaced too but at least the interactions between Executive ADA Nolan Price and replacement District Attorney Nicholas Baxter have some drama to them.

  • I was trying to remember a very hipster hip hop group from the 2000s to no avail over the weekend. I tried Perplexity and Google Gemini but neither could work it out from my extremely vague prompts (apparently ‘hipster rappers from Brooklyn’ didn’t narrow it down). In the end, I remembered a snatch of a refrain from one of their songs and putting that into Google Search got me the answer: Das Racist. The song was ‘Hahahaha jk’ (Apple Music).

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