Weeknotes #200

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  • Holy moly! 200 of these!

  • Of course, I had to look into the phrase ‘holy moly’ (or ‘holy moley’). Wikipedia has a painfully brief article which says ‘moly’ is a replacement for ‘Moses’ whereas Wiktionary says it’s a replacement for ‘Mary’. Frustratingly, it doesn’t seem as if there’s a definitive explanation for its etymology. (There is at least a decent amount of support for it having been popularised by the Captain Marvel comics.)

  • I’m not sure if it was the flu or COVID but I had terrible aches and pains in my arms, legs and torso from Thursday to Saturday afternoon. It was mostly gone by Saturday evening and as I write this, I’m feel much better.

  • Warcraft Rumble came out and it’s another exemplar of Blizzard’s skill at combining insanely high art direction with state-of-the-art slot machine mechanics. I’m enjoying it even as it leaves an icky residue of regret after every play session. I guess at least I’m not actually spending money?

  • Speaking of spending money on games, I first purchased Rocket League on 2 January 2016 after being introduced to it at one of Hamish’s New Year’s game-playing sleep-over extravaganzas. While I’ve bought the game twice more (once on the PS4 and once on the Nintendo Wii), I had not otherwise paid Epic a further cent in the 2868 days from then until Thursday. That was when I finally cracked and bought enough credits to get the recently introduced Lightning McQueen car skin. I of course did this for Rowan (who loves the Cars movies in a way that only a 2-year-old boy can) and in no way so I can drive around saying ‘Ka-chow!’ as I score goals.

  • Matt Lakeman is one of those weird bloggers who has no real theme or preoccupation for his writing. He went on a trip to West Africa—recently? (I think)—and has been writing up notes of his experiences. Click on to his recent post about Guinea if this whets your appetite:

    I hung back with another friendly Sierra Leonean who asked me about America and what I was doing here and the same 50 questions I was asked 100 times per day in West Africa. It was annoying, but this guy was really nice and would end up helping me out a lot. Also, he wore a beanie and looked exactly like Will-I-Am from the Black Eyed Peas.

  • I wrote two weeks ago that season 6 felt like the high point of Seinfeld. Was I insane? Season 7 of Seinfeld has ‘The Soup Nazi’, ‘The Secret Code’, ‘The Pool Guy’ and ‘The Sponge’ all in a row. The show certainly feels zanier at this point than it was in its early seasons but that’s balanced by (or perhaps enabled) an intricacy to the plotting that is an absolute delight to be… watch? Can you behold something you’re watching?

  • I was up-front in my first weeknotes that I was shamelessly copying Paul Mucur. Alas, his output has become intermittent and so over time I’ve come to think of Tom Stuart as the true patron saint of this blog. Stuart started writing his weeknotes two weeks before I did and so I feel like I’m following close behind as he ascends ever higher up the list of natural numbers. If you’re suspecting that all of this is a painful segue, you’re correct! Stuart mentioned Underworld’s new single ‘Denver Luna’ in his 200th edition (strictly speaking, 201st edition) and I figured why not do the same? Stuart said it was the final minute of the song that gave him goosebumps and I agree: so listen to the a cappella version that’s basically just that (Apple Music)!

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