Weeknotes #1

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  • I read the most incredible philosophical essay this week. ‘Kant’s Untermenschen’ by Charles Mills argues that the racism of egalitarian philosophers like Immanuel Kant shouldn’t be swept under the rug as a minor anomaly but understood as being central to their worldview. That all sounds really heavy but it was also one of the funniest essays I’ve read in some time.

  • I also loved the blog post Alexis King wrote about type systems. The central point of the post is well argued but the postscript at the end is the real gold. The main cause of type systems ‘getting in the way’ of programming isn’t whether something uses a static type system or not; it’s whether the type system is structural or nominal.

  • Finally, I felt like I learnt more about typography from this post by Frank Chimero than anything else I’ve ever read (admittedly a low bar).

  • Oh, and I might have finally discovered why the album is called Kid A.

  • I started working on a blog post about the Apple Watch Series 5 but haven’t finished it. I want to write something more substantial than ‘the display is always on!!!1!1!111!!’ but that’s really the meat of it.

  • I spent most of Friday listening to music by NF. I described him to David as a younger, slightly less angry version of Eminem. What appeals to me is the same thing: the wordplay and the use of language to make complex rhythms. The song that drew me in was ‘Paid My Dues’ (Apple Music).

  • I took John out on Sunday and it was one of the first times I’ve gone out with just him on a spur of the moment thing. Emma and I used to do things like that all the time but I haven’t done it so much with John as it always make more sense to bring Emma along too.

  • I’m not sure how successful I’ll be at keeping this up but as the number suggests this is the first in a (hopefully) series of notes about my week. It’s inspired by/shamelessly stolen from Paul Mucur.

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