Weeknotes #233

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  • The Vision Pro came out on Friday. I think I’ve added it to and then removed it from my shopping cart about five times. Brandon is not helping.

  • I took Emma and John to see IF on Saturday. I mistakenly thought it was an animated film and not a live-action film with animated characters. In the end, the kids enjoyed it well enough that John wanted to see it again the next day (it’s already on sale for digital download in the U.S.). I wouldn’t put it on my list of films I need to see again but it was all right.

  • I felt a little guilty that I’d taken Emma and John to the cinema on Saturday and just left Rowan at home with Eri so on Sunday, I took Rowan down to Yokohama to ride back to Shinagawa on the Keikyū line. Rowan has wanted to ride on one of the yellow Keikyū trains for a while but we didn’t even see one in our whirlwind trip. We did ride on a blue express train to Kawasaki before switching to a red local train before then switching to another red train so I felt like I at least tried. Maybe next time we’ll get our yellow, er, whale.

  • I switched mobile providers again, this time to au’s budget option, Povo. I’ll miss ahamao’s global roaming but given that (1) roaming was limited to 15 days and we’re typically in Australia for 18 days and (2) I want to maintain an Australian number and so always need to pay for an Australian SIM anyway, that didn’t seem worth putting up with the intermittent connection issues I’ve been experiencing since I switched away from DMM. Since Povo is on au’s network rather than Docomo’s, it seemed worth the risk to try out. After all, I can always switch back. And so what’s the verdict? It’s only been a few days but on the couple of occasions I’ve been out and about I haven’t noticed the same problems as before so fingers crossed!

  • A girl was trialling Emma’s class at Yoyogi Chapters and her father mentioned that he lived in Nerima and that his wife ran an English-oriented Facebook group for mothers and fathers. I dusted off the Facebook app and joined up but was immediately disappointed to discover there’s no way to receive push notifications for all activity in a group—you can only receive e-mail notifications (which I don’t want) or badges on the Facebook icon (which I won’t see frequently since I’ve got it stashed in a distant Home Screen). There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of activity in the group anyway, so perhaps it’s not something that will lead to more interaction opportunities.

  • That prompted me to think about suggesting a sleepover to the father of one of the girls Emma is friends with in her class at Yoyogi Chapters. That in turn prompted me to think that if that was going to happen, Rowan would need to sleep in Emma and John’s room to free up the playroom for the two girls and that would mean that John would need to be comfortable sleeping on the top bunk. All of which is to say that Emma and John have switched bunks and John is practising sleeping on the top bunk. Over the first three night, it’s gone remarkably smoothly.

  • Despite wanting to spend more time either studying Japanese and/or developing an iOS app, I’ve done neither. I have been making my way slowly the Apple WWDC sessions on YouTube. Did you know Apple puts their WWDC sessions on YouTube? You do now!

  • I posted somewhat sarcastically about OK Go but then Paul Oswald replied sincerely and linked to the music video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ (YouTube). That song is from ten years ago so I guess the point still kind of stands but in the spirit of Paul’s response, I’ve been enjoying the album Hungry Ghosts this week (Apple Music).

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