Weeknotes #228

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  • Eri and I visited a bank on Tuesday to ask about obtaining a home loan and it’s apparently going to be difficult if I’m not a permanent resident. Since I am not a permanent resident, I’ve started gathering my documents for a permanent residency application. I should have done this a couple of years ago when Adrien mentioned his sister was doing it and suggested I look into whether I qualified. I’ve heard people saying that the process can take over six months but the Immigration Bureau quotes four as the average on their website so hopefully that’s what it is in my case.

  • I couldn’t remember if I’d written about my hesitancy about upgrading my iPhone this year but I did a cursory search and it appears that I haven’t. So, yes, I’m hesitant about upgrading my iPhone. Emma and John’s undōkai a week ago was the first time since the iPhone 15 Pro Max came out that I wished I had the camera with the longer range but, given that was about eight months after it was released, that would suggest it wasn’t an improvement I especially needed. In all other situations, it still feels like my iPhone 14 Pro Max does everything I want it to do and I’m not sure that will have changed by September.

  • Speaking of Apple products, I’m mostly satisfied with my AirPods Pro but I do find the fit frustratingly ill. They mostly stay in my ears but will occasionally come loose in a way my beloved 2nd Generation AirPods never did. This is particularly noticeable when I’m eating. I have wondered if maybe smaller tips would help but while I have found some on Amazon, I have yet to purchase them.

  • Am I the only person irritated by the inconsistency of how ‘e’ is included or omitted from words that combine a verb with ‘able’? It’s noticeable, not noticable and debatable, not debateable. But usable and useable are both acceptable as are moveable and movable. Argh!

  • My weight was down as low as 70.26kg. That prompted me to wonder when the last time I was below 70 which according to Apple Health was back in December 2021, a fact I found extremely surprising. The story I’d been telling myself was that the pandemic had been when I’d started to put the weight on but that really doesn’t seem to have been the case. The most sustained period I had under 70 was back in August 2020 but I didn’t know back then why it was low so it remains a mystery.

  • In NBA play-offs news, the Dallas Mavericks have come in and, as of this writing, taken a 3-0 lead over the Minnesota Timberwolves to all but set up a Finals match-up with the Boston Celtics. I had been having a fun time on the Anthony Edwards bandwagon but Dallas’ Luka Dončić has completely derailed it. Can you derail a bandwagon?

  • I linked to Maciej Cegłowski’s blog post about NASA’s Artemis lunar programme last week but I’ve now read it and want to recommend it to you again. It’s full of gems like:

    The fact that neither its rocket or spaceship can get to the moon creates difficulties for NASA’s lunar program.

  • I commiserated with Brandon about the ridiculousness of Apple’s 100 Best Albums. They put Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Apple Music) at number 1 which I think is silly but whatever; the point of these lists is to spark debate and that’s at least an interesting choice. Instead, what really eats at me is Beyoncé’s Lemonade at 10. This is all the moreso because I don’t think the judges thought they were being controversial here; I think it reflects the broad critical consensus about Beyoncé. A consensus I find bears little resemblance to Beyoncé’s lack of relevance as a musical force. I realise how insane that sounds given how giant she looms but what causes her to loom? Isn’t it mostly the fact that she looms? What music of hers resonates with the public? Am I just missing something because I’m not black and/or a woman?

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