Weeknotes #226

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  • It’s been almost uniformly fantastic weather for the past week. As James observed recently, it’s too warm for May but sunny skies in the mid- to high-20s are still quite pleasant.

  • The weather was particularly nice on Saturday and so rather than just go home after Yoyogi Chapters, I took Emma and John to the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. MOMAT as it’s abbreviated (notwithstanding the N that’s clearly begging to be there) didn’t have any special exhibitions on at the moment so we just perused the works in their regular collection. I don’t know if it really had much of an impact on the kids; I imagine the value of doing these kind of cultural excursions at this age is largely about normalising the experience of going to galleries and museums.

  • Apple announced new iPads at their ‘Let Loose’ event. I was discussing the products with Brandon and while I’d be tempted to get an iPad Pro if iPadOS could run Xcode, as things stand now, the software I would want to use doesn’t exist on the iPad. Maybe something will be announced at WWDC to change the status quo.

  • I’ve managed to keep the fasting going over the past week. I am losing weight, although there’s a fair bit of fluctuation depending on whether I’m weighing during a fast or afterward (a lot of which is water loss, I assume). Still, the trend is in the right direction and I intend to keep it going.

  • I’ve got about three more episodes of Seinfeld to go depending on whether you want to count the clip-show, ‘The Chronicle’ (Wikipedia), and while I’m still enjoying watching the episodes, I can see why Jerry Seinfeld decided that the show had run its course after this season. I defended the earlier season nine episode ‘The Betrayal’ a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t deny the show feels more gimmicky than it did in season eight.

  • I was wondering why I haven’t got that much done this week but then remembered how much time in the evenings is taken up by the NBA Play-Offs. Probably a poor long-term choice on my part but I really enjoyed watching the first two games of the Minnesota and Denver series. Denver has since come back to level the series 2-2, a feat that is all the more impressive given that they did it by winning the games in Minnesota and that they did it after one of the most comprehensive drubbings of a professional basketball team I’ve ever seen in Game 2.

  • Last week, I recommended Rocket Jump’s 18-minute ‘How Star Wars was Saved in the Edit’. This week, I (slowly) made it through a 117-minute dismantling called ‘How “How Star Wars was saved in the edit” was saved in the edit (sort of, but not really)’. It’s too long by… well quite a bit more than half, so I don’t recommend it to anyone to actually watch but it does a comprehensive job illustrating how the argument in the first video is wrong and, as a result, I’ve revised my opinion and posted a correction to last week’s updates.

  • David Hartley has a video essay entitled ‘Why the world’s biggest song caused Gotye to quit’ that of course led to me listening to more Gotye. ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ is obviously a masterpiece but my favourite will always be his earlier ‘Hearts a Mess’ from Like Drawing Blood (Apple Music).

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