Weeknotes #212

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  • Eri and Rowan both had fevers over the weekend and seemed to be suffering from the what-is-it-because-it-doesn’t-seem-to-be-the-flu-or-covid malady that’s been circulating this winter. When I was a child, I called every respiratory illness more serious than a basic cold the ‘flu’ and maybe in a post-COVID world that’s what I’ll need to do again.

  • Rowan has finally started saying his own name. He still prefers to refer to himself in the third person as ‘Baby’ but whereas previously I couldn’t get him to even say ‘Rowan’, he has started using it if I claw it out of him.

  • Speaking of finallies (finallys?), I finally watched Oppenheimer. It has an opening date in Japan now (29 March) but I didn’t want to wait another two months and even if I did, I’m not sure I could set aside the three-hour running time. Like every Nolan movie (other than Memento), I’m sure I’ll need to see it a couple of times before I ultimately settle on an opinion. Having seen it once, I found the relentless pace of the first half of the movie to be exhausting. This is a consistent issue I have with Nolan’s films, though, and something I find less of a problem on subsequent viewings.

  • The Apple Vision Pro began arriving in customer hands and I’ve been gobbling up the coverage. If you’re remotely interested, you’ve almost certainly seen it but Joanna Stern had my favourite review (YouTube). It was so good I showed parts of it to Eri over dinner one night. Was I trying to convince her this will be a worthwhile use of our money when it eventually comes out in Japan? Not consciously but my unconscious is a dangerous entity and not to be trusted.

  • Unless you’re the one person who subscribes to my newsletter, you downloaded this from the Linode I set up last year that runs Void Linux. I put aside a bit of time over the past week to configure the web server and other programs that the other Linode is running. So far, so good.

  • I mentioned last week that I’d started paying for FoodNoms again. I’m not sure it’s really making that much of a difference but I will say that I’m enjoying the ‘Ask AI’ feature where you can ask a large language model for the nutritional details of a meal. This alleviates the worst part of calorie counting: the pain of data entry. Of course this assumes it’s accurate and large language models aren’t exactly known for their infallibility. What I should do is a thorough comparison of some foods for which I know the nutritional details and check its overall accuracy. This sounds like exactly the kind of work I want to avoid, though. Fortunately, FoodNoms allows you to record entries with a margin of error and I’ll probably just stick to doing that instead.

  • I liked Phil Edwards’ 14-minute video on the history of the famous Earthrise photograph if you’re looking for something short and educational (YouTube).

  • I’ve forgotten how I came across it but I added Igor Levit’s Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte to my music library this week and if you find yourself in the mood for some calming classical pieces for piano, this hit the spot for me (Apple Music).

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