Weeknotes #210

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  • I neglected to mention in last week’s weeknotes that Rowan suddenly started stuttering upon our return to Japan. Eri has spoken about it with a doctor and the best guess at the moment is that it was caused by the stress/shock of the Japan to Australia to Japan transition over the holiday. Its severity seems to wax and wane so hopefully it’s nothing too serious and will go away over time.

  • Speaking of things I meant to mention in previous editions, John has started swimming. He goes at the same time on Sunday morning as Emma but is in a different class. I was worried he might hate it (as he did with the ice skating) but fortunately that hasn’t been the case.

  • I did remember to mention two weeks ago that Emma had been invited to attend an English lesson aimed at bilingual children. That was on Saturday and it went similarly well. John also came along and although there’s only space for him in a playgroup that’s aimed at younger kids, I figure it’s better than nothing.

  • I won 10 games in a row in Rocket League for the first time. It all culminated in an incredibly tense tenth game where we scored an equaliser with the clock at 0 after the player I had partied up with passed me the ball in the dying moments and I bicycle kicked it into the goal. We then scored first in overtime to win. A part of me feels like it’s silly to spend so much time in a game that came out almost ten years ago and then I have experiences like this and I keep coming back.

  • I can’t imagine this information is of any use to anyone but in the incredibly unlikely case that it is, I wish I’d known months ago that the ‘View > Toolbar > Stats Only’ submenu in the Mac version of iA Writer is also a toggle. In other words, you can switch between showing a toolbar with formatting controls and a toolbar showing statistics, by clicking on the text ‘Stats Only’.

  • I had one of my periodic bouts of ‘I should use IRC more’. As ludicrous as it is, I still pay for an IRCCloud subscription and so could just use IRC that way. But these bouts are really bouts of ‘I should use IRC more like I’m an elite hacker from the 90s’ and so typically involve me trying to install a client on one of my Raspberry Pis. Since they’re both now running Void, I thought I’d explore whether that opens up any new possibilities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The best option still looks like weechat and while it does seem fine, I realised when I’d got it set up that I never find IRC that engaging. Until next bout.

  • After four (I think four) unrelated people all mentioned to me unprompted that they’d recently watched Slow Horses (Apple TV+), I decided to give it a shot. Everyone was correct and I ripped through the 6-episode first season. I will say that I was mildly distracted from time to time by how much Jack Lowden’s River feels like the younger brother of Simon Pegg’s Benji in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Did anyone else think this?

  • I wish I could see explicitly what Apple Music thinks I’m interested in. Somehow it neglected to tell me that Marian Hill released an album in April 2022, why can’t we just pretend? (Apple Music). It hasn’t grabbed me yet as much as Act One or Unusual but if you’re into lo-fi beats, you might want to give it a whirl. Upgrade that to a definite recommendation if three other people mention it unprompted over the next month.

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