Weeknotes #179

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  • Rowan turned 2 and John turned 6! Both birthdays were pretty casual affairs. Rowan is too young to have anyone to do anything with but it did occur to me that it’s a little strange for John not to have invited anyone. Then again, neither Emma nor John have ever been invited to a birthday party so maybe that’s just not really something people do in Japan.

  • I accompanied John to a Father’s Day event at his school on Saturday (Father’s Day itself was on Sunday). Each grade took part in one ‘race’ before returning to their respective classrooms where each student gave their father a present. John had made a coaster. It was very sweet. I was a little concerned about the ‘few words’ the event announcement warned us the fathers would need to make but that went by fine. What I wish we’d been warned about was the little exercise routine that we did to start the event and which everybody else except for me apparently knew by heart.

  • It was also my first time to actually visit John’s new school and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not quite as nice as Emma’s kindergarten was but it’s not bad and I especially enjoyed sheltering from the sun in the little ‘grove’ they have on one side of the school.

  • As mentioned above, Sunday was Father’s Day and it was nice. Mum took Emma and John out for lunch and that left Eri and I free to go into Ikebukuro with Rowan. We didn’t do much more than walk around but we did walk past a cinema playing Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and I was very tempted to try to return for the late night showing.

  • The Denver Nuggets won the NBA Finals. I feel bad as the fan of the San Antonio Spurs—a fellow small market team—that I didn’t pay more attention but Miami was so outclassed that I couldn’t find it in me to be interested.

  • I’ve fallen head over heels back into Janet development. That wasn’t what I expected; I really thought that I might do some more iOS development after WWDC. But here we are after two weeks and I’ve instead been diligently working on improving Jeep, Documentarian and Argy-Bargy. Part of what got me excited was Janet for Mortals, an online book that pointed out that one of Janet’s superpowers is that programs written in it can be distributed as single-binary executables. Distribution is my least favourite aspect of Ruby and so seeing that little chestnut taken care of so deftly makes it a very appealing target.

  • Speaking of development, I’ve been doing it all on the Mac Mini (even when it’s been remote from my phone) and so I decided to pull the plug on my ‘development’ Linode. That saves $5 a month which isn’t nothing. I thought abut trying to make do without both of my Linodes but I’m not quite ready to take that plunge.

  • Adam Gordon Bell, host of the podcast CoRecursive, had one of his best interviews ever with Yann Collet about developing the LZ4 and ZStandard compression algorithms. The story is incredible. I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say anything more but if you have an hour and you’re remotely interested in programming at all, it’s highly recommended.

  • Perhaps it was the coding but I spent a lot of time listening to (the delightfully named) Joy Orbison’s ‘Hyph Mango’ over the week (Apple Music).

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