Weeknotes #172

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  • I took the kids to see the Super Mario Bros Movie! It was the first time Emma and John have successfully seen a movie in a cinema and the first time I’ve been to a cinema since seeing the Rise of Skywalker in 2019. (Emma did try to see Frozen II but as a three-year-old found it all a bit overwhelming.) I was a little concerned that John might be disruptive by continually asking questions about what was happening (which is often the experience we have when we see movies at home) but fortunately the simplicity of the story made that not an issue.

  • We did cut rather sad figures after the movie. We arrived in time but not early enough to wait out the enormous lines at the concession stand and so to placate Emma after she was very disappointed we couldn’t buy popcorn to take into the theatre, we bought some afterward. Of course, at that point we’re not in the theatre and so we had to settle for huddling outside in a nearby park wolfing down the popcorn before we headed home.

  • The outing was so successful that I’m already wondering what the next movie will be. The kids enjoy watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and so the obvious choice would be Across the Spider-Verse but I’m a little concerned it might be a bit too violent. The first film already has the deaths of Peter Parker and Prowler but I was able to coach (for want of a better word) the kids through those parts.

  • The NBA play-offs have been enjoyable. I’ve jumped back on the Warriors bandwagon and Stephen Curry has been incredible. I’m a little sad knowing that he’s more than halfway through his prime but such is life, I guess. It is a reminder that Kevin Durant’s tenure on the Warriors, as helpful as it no doubt was for Curry’s legacy from a championship perspective, did sort of rob us of seeing what Curry could achieve when truly pushed.

  • I feel bad even mentioning this because it’ll probably peter out into nothing but I’ve moved the Kindle app back onto my primary home screen in the hope of reading more. The first book I’m reading is the Cult of Smart by Freddie deBoer. So far, so good and it does help having the app front and centre every time I pick up the phone.

  • I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been a bit disappointed in the video essays I’ve been watching recently. Things were better this week and my favourite was Dr Geoff Lindsay’s ‘Why some say CHUBE and some say TOOB’. As someone who pronounces it ‘TYUBE’, I was all ready to feel superior until Lindsay pointed out that nobody says ‘DYUDE’. Once again, English makes no sense.

  • Brandon and I were discussing how great Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ is and this somehow led to Brandon expressing jealousy of me not being familiar with Keane’s Hopes and Fears LP. I don’t know exactly how that happened as I was still listening to a lot of new music then but for whatever reason, it didn’t come across my radar. Having listened to it a few times over the week (Apple Music), it’s good but if I’m being honest, it doesn’t resonate with 40-year-old me as much as it might have if I’d listened to it in my early 20s. Of course, this now means things have gone full circle and I’m jealous of Brandon.

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