Weeknotes #165

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  • John finished the academic year at his preschool and on Saturday we went to the ‘graduation’ ceremony for the final year students. Although John’s not in that group, we’re sending him to a different preschool from April so it was a graduation of sorts for him, too. I have mixed feelings. He seemed to genuinely get along well with the other girls and boys and I’m worried that he’ll run into difficulties at the new school. Hopefully this is the right decision.

  • If it seems like Emma and John are suffering through a rolling series of illnesses, it’s not just you. That’s what it feels like to me as well. We’re still no closer to understanding what John was sick with the other week but the cough he picked up has spread to everyone in the house including me.

  • I finally got a hair cut!

  • I was talking about punctuation (of all things) with Brandon and came across this page in (on?) the Australian Government’s online style manual. I feel like whoever wrote this is my soul mate. I’m confident they’d at least be able to confirm whether I should say ‘in the online style manual’ or ‘on the online style manual’.

  • I feel like I’m the last person in the world to see Top Gun: Maverick (it’s now on Netflix in Japan). I haven’t written a review yet on Letterboxd but suffice it to say that I thought it was a very competent action blockbuster. In preparation to see it, I watched Top Gun the night before and was left extremely underwhelmed by it. It obviously has a lot of fans but as someone coming to it with 2023 eyes, it’s pretty bad. I can imagine the action scenes were really something in 1986 but they no longer have much (if any) power today and everything else (the plot, the dialogue, the acting) is actively bad. The one thing that I did appreciate about it was how… rough it was. Screenwriting feels like such a science today (especially in big-budget movies) that it was almost refreshing to watch something so slipshod.

  • After watching both films, I started watching La La Land and it got me wondering if maybe I should give up on television and just be Movie Guy. While neither Top Gun movie rocked my world, the entire experience was over in much less time than a single season of a top-tier cable show would have taken. I have started watching the occasional episode of Seinfeld and perhaps I only allow myself to watch shows from the 90s (this conveniently grandfathers in Law & Order).

  • The kids and I also watched Wreck-It Ralph over the weekend. What a perfect movie it is. I remember seeing it in the cinema with Eri and it’s cool to be able to watch it now with our kids.

  • Oh, I signed up for Libby after realising that I could get a City of Sydney library card using my Australian driver’s licence. While it’s neat to have ‘free’ access to a bunch of electronic books (of both the written and spoken variety), the audiobook selection is pretty woeful. I guess they know their clientele and that explains the stunning selection of Agatha Christie novels but I was definitely hoping for more works of classic literature.

  • I’ve been listening to far too much ‘Blame’ by Calvin Harris (Apple Music).

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