Weeknotes #152

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  • It happened. We finally caught COVID-19. Emma had a pretty severe fever on Wednesday night and after undergoing a PCR test the next day, we received the notification on Friday that the result was positive. While she’s the only one who has been tested, I consider that we’ve all been infected due to everyone experiencing various symptoms that are consistent with a coronavirus infection.

  • To my great relief, those symptoms have been pretty minimal (Emma’s fever was the worst). Rowan has had respiratory issues since he was very young and we were worried that that might cause him to be more at risk than other young children. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We’ve also been lucky with the timing. We depart on the trip to Australia in a little less than two weeks and if our little outbreak is consistent with the timeline I’ve heard from friends, we should all be pretty well recovered by that point.

  • I neglected to mention in last week’s update that my aunt died at the end of last month. She was my father’s sister. He’s one of six so we had no shortage of aunts and uncles on that side of the family but she was the one to whom we were closest. As I grew older, I realised this was primarily a function of her family and ours being the only ones in Canberra when my siblings and I were very young. We lost that intimacy when our family moved away, but I still thought of her and her family extremely fondly. I’m glad we managed to see her the last time we were in Australia three years ago. I had hoped we’d have many years bringing the kids to visit her and my uncle on their property in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands. Now that won’t be the case.

  • In less sombre news, I switched my remote development machine from Debian to Fedora. I’ve never been a true Linux user and started using Debian because it seemed the best mixture of stability and features for running a web server (which was my original use case when I set up my first VPS). I still think Debian is terrific for that but over the years, I’ve become frustrated at the paucity of up-to-date packages when using it as a remote development machine (which is the use case for my second VPS). I initially tried to use Homebrew on Linux but pretty quickly learned why it’s detested by some people. Will Fedora be any better? Why not just skip to the end of this journey and use Ubuntu as is my destiny? I don’t know.

  • I wish there were more videos like this one from Ben Taylor at Thinking Basketball. It’s short (less than 3 minutes!) but does an excellent job breaking down why the Golden State Warriors are so difficult to guard.

  • I started watching Counterpart. It’s a Starz series from 2017 about a spy agency in Berlin that guards a crossing point between two Earths in two different realities that diverged 30 years prior. It was cancelled after the second season so it’s at most an investment of 20 episodes. I’ve watched two so far and it’s… all right? The European setting is refreshing and J.K. Simmons is great as the lead (when does he ever get to be the lead?) but I could do with a lot less of the beating they’ve given my head with the nature/nurture theme.

  • Speaking of people’s immutable nature, I’m not sure I could be more me than when I make my musical selection of the week Taylor Swift’s acoustic cover of ‘Anti-Hero’ (Apple Music). Perhaps things are different on the other side.

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