Weeknotes #145

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  • Rowan’s Australian passport came and we now have the complete set, as it were. I try not to think about how much money I’ll need to pay in five years for the privilege of doing this all over again.

  • My AirPods have begun their descent into old age. The battery is dying noticeably earlier than it was a week or two ago. My fingers are crossed that the microphone doesn’t stop working like it did on my previous pair.

  • I booked my appointment for the latest COVID-19 vaccine. After five minutes of research, I decided to get the Pfizer bivalent vaccine that partially targets the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants. I had intended to get the booster through work but they only have the vaccine targeted at the Omicron BA.1 sub-variant. Is that meaningfully different? Probably not but an appointment locally also means I don’t need to travel all the way into work. Although I booked the appointment this week, the actual date is in November. Again, not sure if this makes a difference but why not try to maximise the strength of my immune system for when we’re in Australia?

  • Speaking of variants, the Washington Post had an article about what’s out there if you, like me, have fallen out of touch with the news of how things are going.

  • Eri and I were compiling a list of things to do on the weekend and I had a mental breakthrough that it would actually be kind of great if you could easily create headings in a todo list app. That doesn’t seem that momentous now that I’m reading it back but it enflamed the last vestiges of enthusiasm that my previous forays into SwiftUI hadn’t managed to completely extinguish. I did move the project over to Xcode which immediately made me wish I had a new MacBook. Supposedly an M2 Mac Mini is coming in the next few months, so perhaps I upgrade to that?

  • The NBA is back. I wrote two weeks ago that I didn’t think it looked like my geo-blocking workaround was going to work and while it still doesn’t work properly for watching live games, I almost never actually want to do that. That might sound odd for a sporting event but evening games in the U.S. mean a starting time somewhere between 8 am and 11 am and I generally prefer to watch basketball after dinner. So, for this season at least, I’ve decided to keep the subscription around.

  • My friend Tom sent me this Twitter thread of a parody comic imagining a crossover between Frasier and Columbo. If you’re a fan of Frasier, it is delightful.

  • Law & Order had a good episode! Well, a week ago it did, at least (they were off this week). I did laugh out loud when it was revealed in a brief aside that the new detective, Jalen Shaw, in addition to looking like an Adonis, also has a law degree. If you’re going to make the perfect man, why not go all the way, I guess.

  • One of the earliest creators I started donating to was Patrick Willems. A couple of years ago, he promised to make a video about Zack Snyder if he hit a fundraising goal. It took a long time but this week he released an epic 77-minute video essay. I don’t especially care for Snyder’s movies but enjoyed this just as an example of the video essay form.

  • Fellow weeknotes-style blogger, Scott Yoshinaga, linked to the album Education & Relaxation by Australian band, Surprise Chef (Apple Music), in his weekender entry for this week. He describes the instrumental album as ‘a culmination of jazz, funk, 70s’ soul and cinematic mood’ and I can’t think of a better way to put it.

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