Weeknotes #139

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  • The Queen died on Friday (ABC). It was early in the morning but I hadn’t gone to bed yet and woke Mum to tell her because—I don’t know—it felt like something you should tell someone.

  • Going back a day, the Apple keynote I subtly foreshadowed in the previous weeknotes was on Thursday morning (Wednesday morning in California). I hadn’t been following the rumours especially closely but the only thing Apple announced that surprised me was the Dynamic Island interface element on the new iPhones.

  • Speaking of the new iPhones, after a bit of deliberation as to whether I really needed to upgrade (I do not), I decided I nevertheless would and ordered (after a frustrating 30 minutes while Apple’s servers were being crushed) an iPhone 14 Pro Max in purple. As has been the case for many years, I justified it on the basis that I’ll be able to take better photos of the kids. Alas, those photos will have to wait a little bit as due to the aforementioned frustrating 30 minutes, my order didn’t go through early enough to get a phone from the initial batch. My delivery is scheduled for late September/early October.

  • While Emma was at school for another observation day, I took John and Rowan to the park on Saturday. Who do we see there but a teacher from John’s school with his kids. It turns out he has a daughter around John’s age and a son around Rowan’s. John had a huge amount of fun playing with the teacher’s daughter and the daughter of an Englishman who is friends with the teacher and happened to be there. I thought of asking to exchange details but wasn’t sure I wouldn’t come off as a little weird, given the teacher/parent dynamic.

  • The trial of my replacement shorts continues. Despite being scheduled to arrive by at least Friday, they’re still not here as I write this. I bit the bullet and ordered some slightly more expensive ones. Perhaps this is a subtle sign that I’m not meant to look like the entirety of my fashion knowledge comes from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

  • I didn’t mention it last week but after receiving the umpteenth security alert from GitHub regarding a vulnerability in one of the JavaScript development tools I was using with Pondent, I decided to rip them all out. I think I can replicate most, if not all, of it with some tools.deps aliases but in the interim, what’s there now is good enough. Coincidentally, I also received my first bug report regarding Pondent. Turns out the code I wrote as part of the switch from a Heroku dyno to a Cloudflare Worker wasn’t working. I got it fixed but I’m somewhat amazed to hear someone else uses Pondent!

  • The work on Pondent got me wishing again for a Clojure-like Lisp that wasn’t dependent on the JVM. I realised that if I want something that works in the browser, a Lisp that compiles to JavaScript would be the way to go. Then I remembered Wisp. The language is largely abandoned at this point but it’s all open source and I’m wondering how much work it would take to get to the point where I could port Reagent to it.

  • I’m not sure why but I had it in my mind that Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy (Apple Music) was an album from the 90s. I suppose, given its history (Wikipedia), it sort of is. The actual release date, though, is November 2008 (which incidentally seems at once like both recent history and an impossibly long time ago). I’ve never liked Guns N’ Roses and, while this didn’t change my mind, it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

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