Weeknotes #137

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  • Mum is coming to visit us again. The documents she needed to submit to receive a visa were a little different this time around but otherwise everything has gone smoothly. She’s scheduled to arrive next weekend which is quite exciting.

  • I mixed up the date of an appointment I had at the hospital and so had to go down and just wait to see the doctor. Fortunately, that didn’t take too long. I must do a better job of ensuring I write these things done in my calendar correctly.

  • I mentioned briefly in Weeknotes #134 that Emma had started ice skating. That’s continued and seems like it will be her ‘sport’. When I was growing up, Mum and Dad insisted that all the children have at least one physical activity in which they participated (mine was basketball). I’ve always thought that was a good idea and something to replicate with the kids.

  • The weather cooled down a bit. I took Emma for some more bicycle riding practice on Saturday afternoon and it was so pleasant we ended up following the train line all the way to Oizumi-Gakuen Station.

  • After returning the first lot of cargo shorts I’d ordered from Amazon, another pair came and I think I’m going to keep them. The length is still not quite as long as I’d prefer but it’s better than the previous ones. The fact that they’re three times the price of what the old Uniqlo ones were really stings.

  • Heroku announced that they are shutting down their free tier. This is a bit painful for me because I run a proxy server there so that Pondent can talk to GitHub’s authentication endpoint. I thought about switching over to an alternative service (the leading option being Fly.io) but am worried that it’ll come to a similar end at some point. I’ve decided instead to try using Cloudflare Workers. Perhaps it’s no more stable long-term than anything else but since I at least pay for my domains through Cloudflare, I feel like I can depend on it a little bit more. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a ‘serverless’ platform, though, and am a little confused still at how to set up the proxy. Hopefully I’ll have positive news to report next update.

  • After listening to a couple of segments from Lex Fridman’s five-hour (five!) interview with John Carmack on YouTube, I downloaded the full episode in Overcast and worked my way through it over the weekend. I’ve tried to listen to Fridman before and been irritated enough at his style to not make it through. In this case, the genuineness of his idolisation of Carmack was enough to offset my natural resistance.

  • I watched the first episode of House of the Dragon, the new HBO series that acts as a prequel to Game of Thrones. I never made it through a complete episode of GOT but was familiar with the show through the videos of Alt Shift X (YouTube). This time around, I thought I’d see try to watch the show as well. The first episode was all right but nothing about it really grabbed me and I’m not sure I’ll continue with it.

  • I started using NetNewsWire on my phone and through one of my many neglected RSS feeds came across the alternative search engine Wiby. I don’t see myself using it regularly but it has a ‘Suprise Me’ link on its front page that will take you to a random website and the first page it took me to was the delightfully old school Niagra Falls Thunder Alley.

  • I came across an acoustic version of Benny Blanco’s 2018 hit, ‘Eastside’ (Apple Music). Not sure if I prefer this to the original.

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