Weeknotes #135

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  • I tried to buy new cargo shorts. This was more difficult than I anticipated. First, the shorts I’m replacing come from Uniqlo but they no longer sell this design. Second, I’m almost 40 years old and this makes buying clothes terrible. Like most 40-year-olds I want to wear the clothes that were cool 20 years ago. Unfortunately, clothing companies either don’t make those clothes or they charge a lot for them. I tried buying some clothes on Amazon but, like just about every time I’ve done this, was disappointed with what arrived and am now trying to find alternatives.

  • John received his second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday which was great. I’m still not sure if/when under-5s in Japan will be eligible for a vaccine but hopefully it’ll happen in the next couple of months. I’m also not sure how things are going with a revised booster that better targets Omicron variants. Like many people I suspect, I’ve reached the point where reading more about COVID-19 is exhausting and so am woefully unaware of where things stand currently. (In the course of preparing this update, I did have a peek around and apparently it looks like October is when they’ll start being available.)

  • I’ve mentioned Diablo Immortal in the past two updates and while I’ve continued to play that, I also started playing the New York Times’ Spelling Bee again. The Times doesn’t track it but I’ve managed to get to Genius every day for the past week or so, although it was a close call on Thursday. The frustration of that experience reminded me why I stopped playing it. I realise there’s a difficult balance to strike between words that people might generally know and more arcane vocabulary but too often I don’t think the Times strikes it correctly. Is PIPET a term people are really more likely to know than CAPACITIVE?

  • I took Emma and John out to a park on Sunday. Since moving to Nerima, we’ve primarily gone to Shakujii Park and while it is a large and interesting park, sometimes you want to visit somewhere different. The park we visited wasn’t too bad but the mosquitos ate me alive and so we bade a swift retreat. We grabbed some ice cream on the way home which was nice.

  • As devoted readers of my yearly podcast listings may recall, one of the podcasts I used to listen to religiously was ‘All the President’s Lawyers’. The hosts of that show, Ken White and Josh Barro, said when they finished the show that they’d be back doing something and sure enough, back in June they started ‘Serious Trouble’ (which is an even better name if you know that Barro’s media company is Serious Media). It’s a freemium podcast and while I thought the free episodes would be enough to satiate me, they of course got me to sign up for a year to listen to their initial analysis of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago from earlier this week. I need another subscription like a hole in the head but it’s delightful to be back in the metaphorical bed with Ken and Josh.

  • I’ve forgotten the precise sequence of events but at some point I made a note to watch Martin Campbell’s 2021 film, The Protege. This was a mistake. Most of the fault is with the script but Campbell presumably read that before he started.

  • I must have listened to Alexander 23’s ‘If We Were A Party’ at least a dozen times since hearing it for the first time on Friday (Apple Music). I’m a sucker for 90s-style alternative and the correct use of the subjunctive mood (Wikipedia) so how could it not be right up my alley?

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