Weeknotes #107

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  • There was a small-scale outbreak of cases at Emma’s preschool. We weren’t contacted that Emma had been a ‘close contact’ but a group of children from her grade were infected. The preschool closed for a couple of days as a precautionary measure and we ended up keeping Emma home until the end of the week just in case.

  • On Saturday we heard back from two of the real estate agents we’ve contacted regarding properties that our respective applications has been accepted. In both cases, this happened to have occurred before the date at which we’re able to perform an inspection (both still have tenants living there) so we aren’t sure yet which one we’ll choose. Both inspections are scheduled for around the middle of next month. Even though we don’t yet know precisely where we’ll be moving, it’s a relief to know that we will at least have somewhere to go.

  • I took Emma out again for riding practice on Sunday. This time we went over to Koganei Park. One of my big regrets about our time in Nishitokyo is how rarely we’ve visited it. It’s not really within walking distance and I didn’t intend to actually go that far but there’s a nice ‘bicycle road’ that runs over towards it and before I knew it, Emma had managed to cycle there (albeit in bursts).

  • I was disappointed by Google’s announcement that it is getting rid of the ‘free forever’ tier of grandfathered Google Workspace (nee Gsuite, nee Google Apps, nee Google Apps For Your Domain) accounts like mine. I hunted around for alternatives and the solution that makes the most sense is to take advantage of iCloud+‘s support for custom domains, given I’m getting iCloud+ as part of my Apple One Premier subscription anyway. It’ll also mean switching over to an actual Gmail account since I’ve been using my Google Workspace one for everything since… well, since I think I’ve had a Google account.

  • To get ready for that, I’ve spent the past week syncing my existing Google Workspace e-mail with my iCloud e-mail using imapsync. It’s mostly been a painless, if prolonged, affair. I’ve now got all my ‘current’ e-mail synced but am wondering what to do about the ‘archived’ e-mail I also have in Google Workspace (old e-mails that uses labels I no longer file anything under). I might just leave that behind.

  • Martin Feld expressed amazement at how well Xbox Cloud Gaming works on iOS on episode 45 of Hemispheric Views and like the sucker that I am for subscription services I signed up for Xbox Game Pass to try it out. It’s not perfect but I find it incredible that it works at all given it’s all going through Safari. One of the games that you can play is Jedi: Fallen Order and even though I have that on the PS4, I started playing it again on the iPad and I much prefer it there. The load times are shorter, the graphics are sharper and I’m not tied to the television. I just wish it had Rocket League.

  • John Gruber linked to Ian Leslie’s notes on The Beatles: Get Back and it’s an excellent, if very long, read. Leslie also links at the end to his ‘64 Reasons to Celebrate Paul McCartney’ and it’s also terrific.

  • I also enjoyed Nick Canovas (AKA Mic the Snare)’s Deep Dive Discography of Daft Punk even if I violently disagree with his view that Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack isn’t that good a stand-alone album. (I mean what?)

  • Canovas did (rightly) praise to high heaven Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 (Live) album (Apple Music) and it was a reminder that by gum it’s so good I’m going to use a minced oath like ‘by gum’.

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