Weeknotes #89

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  • Eri’s iPhone 13 Mini arrived on Friday. So far, so good. Eri really likes the smaller size and, with one exception, has said that the smaller screen is not an issue. The one place she did mention she’s noticed it is when watching video. However, even then, she’s happy with the trade off.

  • My iPhone 13 Pro Max also arrived on Friday. I’m likewise very satisfied. Earlier in the week I had momentary buyer’s remorse as I fretted that buying the gold model was a mistake but Brandon helped me through it. Now that the phone is in hand I’m happy to say that I love the gold sides. I think they pair fantastically well with the black of the powered off display. I’m less enthusiastic about the colour of the back of the phone but since I don’t spend much time seeing the back, it’s fine. My favourite thing about the sides (really the phone as a whole) is the feel in the hand. While the 13 Pro Max has the flat sides that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 design, they’re noticeably smoother on the edges than they were previously.

  • I have not noticed the ProMotion display at all.

  • Speaking of Brandon, this hit a little too close to home (from last week’s weeknotes):

I’m now resigned to just being that fool, that insufferable self-debater, that joke of a justifier, balancing insincere buyer’s remorse and tainted consumer delight in a joyless game of self denial.

  • Eri and I decided we’d keep Emma at home until the end of the state of emergency. The expectation is that that will be lifted at the end of the month.

  • While I didn’t progress any further with my Persimmon library, I did get a proof-of-concept of Watchful working with Janet’s new event loop. As loyal readers may remember, Watchful was a Janet library I worked on last year that watched for file system changes in Linux and macOS. Although the C code that called the respect system calls was pretty independent of the C code that made it accessible from Janet, things weren’t cleanly separated and it wasn’t possible to use the C code without the Janet code. That’s now fixed and what I hope to release is a C library with a Janet wrapper. It should then be relatively straightforward to use that code by itself, either in a project written in C or with a wrapper for another language (e.g. Ruby).

  • After what seemed a dearth of video essays over summer, I watched another slew of great ones this week:

  • The kids started watching Spidey and His Amazing Friends (Wikipedia) on Disney+ over the weekend and quickly became obsessed with it. It’s well-made but as I commented I’m surprised how much it ‘borrows’ from PJ Masks.

  • One of the things that the kids love is the theme song. While I think it’s inferior to the PJ Masks theme song, I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t pick up on the fact that it’s by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump (Apple Music). If you want to know what it feels like to have little kids, put this on repeat.

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