Weeknotes #84

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  • Another week of the daily number of detected COVID-19 cases being at record highs. This led the government to extend the state of emergency currently in effect in Tokyo until at least 12 September (Reuters). I’m not sure how effective that’s going to be. The sense I have is that people feel severe fatigue with a situation that never seems to improve. Eri and I continue to be cautious but I’m not sure others are being so diligent.

  • I mentioned in #82 that my Japanese study has not been going well. In that spirit of self-flagellation, my dieting isn’t much to write home about either. I haven’t put on a huge amount of weight but my physique looks worse than it did a few months ago, I’m sure. I was speaking to Raphael over the weekend and he mentioned he’d started running; perhaps I should do something similar. With Rowan better, Eri’s had a bit more energy in the evenings to handle the washing and that’s given me some additional time. I don’t know if I really have the energy to go running but perhaps if I just stare in the mirror long enough I’ll feel compelled to burn off some of these calories.

  • The theme of this week has really been not getting stuff done because I feel like I didn’t make much headway with my Ruby Lisp thing. I read more of Crafting Interpreters and I guess that counts as research.

  • Oh, this happened at the start of the month but I was very lucky to have a fellow Janet enthusiast, Zach Smith, graciously agree to help me with my Documentarian and Testament libraries. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with Rowan and everything else that’s been happening and felt like having another person would really help address feature requests and bug reports in a more timely manner. Zach is a far more talented programmer than I am and it was an immense relief when he said he’d be happy to work with me as a maintainer.

  • Speaking of not having enough time, I wasted far too much time trying to tidy up my Pinboard bookmarks. I don’t have much to show for it other than getting all my programming language tags to begin with ‘lang:’. Like I said, I wasted far too much time.

  • I was never a big fan of Homestar Runner but Dave was and so I knew the basic outlines of what it was. After watching this video essay, I wish that I’d been more into it. This is also the best argument I’ve seen for why it was sad that Flash died.

  • I finally watched another movie and it was… The Last Jedi. A movie I’ve already seen and didn’t like. I’m the first to admit how silly that is when I’ve got so many other movies I want to see but I’ve been meaning to watch it again for ages. So many people I respect like (if not love) the movie that I felt it deserved another shake. I don’t know if I truly did that but I tried. After making it through, I revised my 1-star rating on Letterboxd to 2 stars but I remain of the opinion that it’s not a good movie. It deserves some praise for trying to do something different (and for not taking the easy way out and retreading The Empire Strikes Back) but it’s so clunky in it’s execution that I was ultimately left empty.

  • On the topic of bad movies, I showed Emma and John a little more of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to help solidify the characters we’re reading about in the book and I was reminded again how bad the film is. It’s really quite remarkable it was as successful as it was. Good casting can go a long way, I suppose.

  • It’s not a great sign when the thing you like most about a band is their name but I do really love the name I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (Apple Music). None of the music has really clicked with me but in addition to the name, the design aesthetic is pretty tops, too. Not quite at the level of Franz Ferdinand but close.

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