Weeknotes #80

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  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics began. As a minor act of protest, I’ve decided I won’t watch it. I find it grossly irresponsible that an event of this magnitude is being held before vaccines are generally available to the Japanese public.

  • Speaking of vaccines, I’m fortunate to be one of the lucky few who are getting vaccines through work. My second inoculation is this coming Friday.

  • As a result of the Olympics, we had a four-day weekend (Thursday and Friday were public holidays). I’m not really sure what the logic was about making Thursday a public holiday but such is the inscrutable thinking of all things Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to do. In addition to COVID-19 being widespread at the moment, it was disgustingly hot. (Ideal time to hold an Olympics in other words.)

  • Rowan remains unwell and we’re not sure what it is. The symptoms look like some kind of stomach bug, or at least they do to me. Who knows with newborns, though. Hopefully he recovers in the next few days.

  • I continued working on my Ruby-based Lisp interpreter. As discussed last week, I’m following the steps as laid out in the Make a Lisp project. It suggested making the reader using a regular expression but I opted for a parser instead. I’m not sure how much difference that’ll make to the speed but I figured that all the work of evaluating a regular expression would take more time than scanning through the integer values of the bytes in a string. Next step is the evaluator.

  • I keep thinking that my shirt is untucked before realising that it’s my stomach. My diet is not going well.

  • The NBA Finals wrapped up and the Milwaukee Bucks were the winners. I was initially rooting for the Phoenix Suns but the performance of the Bucks’ star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, was so inspiring, I found myself switching sides partway through. Congratulations to all the Bucks fans and commiserations to the Suns supporters.

  • I was having difficulties with the Plex installation that runs on my Synology and portions of the video library that is on a Raspberry Pi and shared via NFS. To fix things, I blew the entire Plex database away and started fresh. Approximately seven minutes after doing this, I realised the problem: when I reinstalled everything on the Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago, I’d not set the NFS client to have root privileges. I of course did not save a backup of my Plex database.

  • I assume it’s because of the northern hemisphere summer, but it feels like things have slowed down a bit with the YouTubers I follow. That said, I did quite enjoy Trash Theory’s video essay on Evanescence. I was a fan of the song ‘Bring Me to Life’ in the early 2000s but I had no idea about the history of the song or the band behind it.

  • If you (perhaps secretly) liked ‘Bring Me to Life’, you might want to listen to the new version that Evanescence released in 2017 (Apple Music).

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