Weeknotes #79

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  • Rowan is still sick. Eri took him to the doctor again and we got a different medicine prescribed. The working theory at this point is that we’re overfeeding him formula and that’s causing some sort of overflow like thing into his lungs. At least that’s my understanding of Eri’s explanation of what the doctor said.

  • I mentioned last week that is put together a Siri Shortcut that used data from NHK to tell me the number of confirmed cases found in the last 24 hours. It turned out that that data was updated very slowly and so I did end up using the tweets from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health Twitter account. Fortunately, I basically had the code to do what I needed from my Twitter cross-posting plug-in. Yay for code reuse!

  • I began seriously investigating the idea of writing a Lisp in Ruby. I think such a project would have hideous performance—possibly to the point where it would be unusable—but I’m pretty sure that for my little projects, hideous performance really wouldn’t be an issue. I found something that’s very nearly what I want and that looks to be based on code somebody wrote for the Ruby implementation for the Make a Lisp project. It’s probably just procrastination but this seemed like a good time to complete the Make a Lisp project and so I started that.

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly with the new baby and reinventing the parenthesis, my Japanese study has fallen completely by the wayside. I still want to get back to having it be a daily thing that I’m doing but I just don’t know where I’ll find the time if I also want to do personal projects.

  • As expected, after all the rain of the past week or so it’s been extremely hot the last few days. I wanted to take Emma and John to the park on the weekend so we got up early (well, relatively) on Sunday and got to the park while it was still a mild (well, relatively) 30 degrees Celsius. It is cooling down a little over the week but I do wonder how they’re going to manage the Olympics.

  • Speaking of which, what a shitshow things have been at the start. I tend to think it won’t end in complete disaster but right now things don’t look great. I was taking to Eugenia about it and she seemed surprised by how negative I was. Part of my negativity springs from the fact that I actually quite like the Olympics (for all their flaws) and I’m angry that I feel like I can’t enjoy them this time around.

  • I will say that, as angry as I am with things in Japan, the situation in Sydney has made the comparison more flattering than it’s been in a while (ABC). That said, in some ways the news from Australia makes me more uneasy. If the Delta variant is so transmissible, doesn’t that mean it must be rife in Japan?

  • I finished watching Loki and was pretty happy overall. The ending wasn’t what I wanted; I’d have preferred for this to have been its own hermetically-sealed thing but this is the MCU and that can’t be permitted so instead the season finale was spent largely setting things up for the next ‘phase’ of MCU movies. I am happy to see that there will be a season two and hopefully this time they’ll be able to visit more places. I don’t know if it was because of COVID-19, but for a show about an agency that polices all time and space, it was oddly anchored to the TVA sets.

  • The new HomePod Mini is working out terrifically well as an AirPlay speaker. I enjoy listening to music on it while I’m at work (my workstation is next to the kitchen so it’s the closest speaker to me) but I’ve also been using it to listen to music at dinner time. My go-to playlist for more than a year at this point has been Apple Music’s ‘Piano Bar’ playlist (Apple Music) but I came across the ‘Midnight Mood’ playlist (Apple Music) after seeing that Brandon Lee was listening to it. Thanks Brandon!

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