Weeknotes #77

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  • I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine on Friday. I didn’t notice any ill effects. If I press on the area of my arm where the injection was administered, there’s a dull pain but otherwise nothing. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll receive the second dose at the end of this month and so, by mid-August, I should be fully inoculated.

  • While that’s great news, unfortunately things are less stellar in Eri’s case. Although she was eligible to receive the vaccine through work, we decided to forego that option so as to avoid Eri needing to travel all the way into my office. That might not have been the best choice. Various municipalities have halted reservations for new injections as a result of limited supply (Japan Times). Hopefully sufficient supplies arrive in the next couple of weeks.

  • Things continue to go pretty well with Rowan. He’s still mostly just sleeping and drinking milk but he seems more aware of his environment.

  • One thing that hasn’t gone so well is my Japanese study. I was managing to maintain it while Eri was in the hospital but with Rowan home now and the extra attention he needs, I’ve not done a good job regularly practising my exercises.

  • Given Eri’s attention being on Rowan, I attended a parental observation activity at Emma’s preschool on Thursday. Together with a bunch of other parents, we hung around the edge of the school gymnasium and watched Emma’s class carry out various PE activities (mostly simple gymnastics). It was nice to be there to see it; unfortunately the mask I was wearing prevented me from indicating much encouragement to Emma but she still looked happy I was there.

  • I got my Raspberry Pi back up and running and so far, so good. One of the things that I did this time was set up a cron job that runs every two hours and restarts the Pi if it loses network connectivity. I don’t know if it’s just Murphy’s Law in action but of course I’ve had no network dropouts since doing that.

  • Eri started watching Aribai Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (アリバイ崩し承ります, Netflix). It’s a detective show and while it didn’t grab me right away, I decided to watch the first episode on my own and really liked it. I’ve already made my way through five of its seven total episodes. I think it’s a real shame that they don’t do more with the character of Tokino but as a detective show, it’s pretty good.

  • I made the mistake of thinking I was getting decent at Rocket League and so should watch some YouTube videos for tips on how to improve. Needless to say, I am very, very far from being decent at Rocket League.

  • I’ve had a long-standing dislike of Japanese pop music. I’m sure it’s unfair but with a handful of exceptions here and there, it’s never been my things. Maybe that’s just because the major labels and producers have constrained what music gets most of the marketing muscle, though, because I came across the #youngstar playlist (Apple Music) and found myself greatly enjoying it. The playlist features upcoming artists and, according to its description, many of them go around the traditional gatekeepers and develop their own audiences.

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