Weeknotes #76

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  • I reserved my first vaccination for this coming Friday! My work signed up to be part of the Japan Government’s programme to have large workplaces administer the vaccination to their employees. I’ll receive my first shot of the Moderna vaccine with the second shot following four weeks later.

  • I’m not sure how contagious the Delta variant really is but the news out of Sydney (ABC) makes me worried that I’ll catch it on the trip into work to get the injection. Oh, and then there’s just the cognitive dissonance of Australian cities locking themselves down completely while the number of people in Tokyo going out over the weekend was up (NHK).

  • The Micro SD card in one of my Raspberry Pis died. Or more precisely, it stopped being writable. I pulled the plug on the Pi after being unable to connect to it remotely and I think that was the cause. I’d hoped it was just a ‘dirty bit’ that could be reset but no luck there. In the end, I popped out and bought a replacement.

  • Speaking of technology failing me, I’ve noticed our Amazon Echo has become noticeably slower to respond. I was surprised when I got a reply from Amazon’s customer support to the the cross-posted tweet. Alas, a reboot did not fix the problem. I’ve been tempted for a while to buy a second HomePod Mini to replace the Echo. I’ve noticed Siri’s speed has improved considerably for certain things in recent weeks. I was about to joke that the Echo might have heard me talk about that idea but am a little disturbed that I can’t completely rule out that possibility.

  • I keep referring to Rowan as John.

  • Emma developed a rash on her arm and I took her to the dermatologist over the weekend. That was a popular choice and so rather than wait around in the waiting room, we went to a nearby park where I finally succeeded in encouraging Emma to talk to another girl at the park. Emma will happily talk to other adults but is often reluctant to speak to other children.

  • After listening to the Rewatchables episode on Memento, I came across this article on Salon (of all places) that does a really excellent job exploring the plot of the film.

  • Once again, I didn’t watch much outside of the NBA playoffs. I did enjoy the video essay from Trash Theory about the Spice Girls and ‘Wannabe’ (YouTube). The Spice Girls were a group I hated as a teenager when I basically detested all pop music but as a middle-aged adult, I’m now comfortable admitting that ‘Wannabe’ is a fantastic pop song and I was an insecure weenie.

  • And yes, I listened to it quite a bit this week (Apple Music).

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