Weeknotes #74

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  • Our son, Rowan, was born on Saturday.

  • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 safety protocols, I haven’t been able to see Eri or Rowan since Eri was admitted into the hospital on Thursday. I’m looking forward to them returning home in the next few days.

  • With Eri in the hospital, I’m on my own looking after Emma and John. Emma isn’t going to school so that reduces some of the work but it’s still meant that I’ve had to switch to working only half days. I log in to work in the mornings, try to get as much done as I can by lunchtime, and then spend the afternoons doing things around the house before dinner.

  • I’ve also been trying to take the kids to the park in the afternoon. However, the rainy season has now begun so I’m not sure how frequently we’ll be able to do that. On Sunday, I took them to Musashino City Park and we had some food while we sat on a nice grassed (grass!) area there.

  • Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was last week. I had hoped to watch a lot of the sessions but, for obvious reasons, I haven’t had much free time in which to do that. I had hoped that Apple would improve SwiftUI and it sounds like they have but it also sounds like there are still a frustrating number of situations in which it’s buggy. Which, unfortunately, means I’ll likely have to wait til next year for what will hopefully be the round of improvements that finally get it to where it’s all I need.

  • I attended my second Clojure Tokyo virtual meet-up on Wednesday. It was good and nice to have an opportunity to connect with our Clojurists. I did feel like a little bit of a fraud given I’m not really doing anything in Clojure at the moment but that might change. With Rowan’s birth, I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity to do much programming but if I do, I’m curious about building a web app that would help capture links and other ephemera from the meetings.

  • I’ve mostly been able to keep up with my Japanese study so that’s good. The less said about my diet the better. The number on the scale only seems to go up at this point.

  • I purchased WiFi Explorer after seeing it recommended by Craig Mod on Twitter and it is indeed excellent. I’d been seeing really slow speeds downloading the beta of Xcode 13 and had attributed that to the fact that the file had only just become available and wasn’t properly seeded on a CDN near me but it’s apparent now that the problem was that my MacBook Pro keeps connecting to the 2.4GHz network rather than the considerably faster 5GHz network (both networks use the same SSID which I could change). You unfortunately can’t simply tell macOS to prefer 5GHz connections so my options are a little limited but it was a relief to at least know the cause of the problem.

  • Work announced that they’re likely to join the government programme that will distribute vaccines to large enterprises for them to then use to inoculate their employees. There are no timelines at this point but it’s still great to have the sense that vaccinations are considerably closer than they felt a month ago.

  • I was chatting with Brandon about Apple Music’s Spatial Audio functionality and he suggested I listen to the Jazz in Spatial Audio playlist (Apple Music) if I wanted a good example of the difference. I’m not much of an audiophile so I’d discourage people from putting a lot of stock in this opinion but I thought it sounded incredible.

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