Weeknotes #73

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  • I’m pretty proud of the degree to which I’ve kept up with my Japanese study. I’m studying every day in the mornings, including across weekends. That said, progress has been pretty slow. I’m not sure if I’m doing the wrong thing by focusing so intently on studying my flash cards as just keeping up with those takes up the majority of time.

  • Predictably, the amount of time spent on programming has declined substantially. If you have young kids, perhaps there’s just not enough time to teach yourself a second language while you also develop your coding skills. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is this week and I’ve been waiting to see what improvements will come to SwiftUI. I’m hoping to move it SwiftUI for my future apps but there’s enough stuff still missing from SwiftUI to make that difficult.

  • Eri is still at home but it’s become increasingly difficult for her to move around and you figure the baby has to be coming quite soon. I’ve started taking Emma to the bus stop and picking her up after school. It’s been nice to have an excuse to get out of the house even if it’s only to walk down the end of the street. That was especially the case after a rather wet weekend.

  • I am a little worried about the amount of exercise John’s been getting. I’m not sure exactly how much running around Emma does at pre-school but it’s at least something; there are days where John spends most of his time between two rooms. I’m hoping to get into the habit of taking him to a nearby park at lunchtime.

  • The rollout of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines has continued to pick up speed, which is positive (NHK). We still don’t have a schedule for when inoculations will start for the general public I’m now hopeful that I can get vaccinated by October. I was previously hopeful I’d be vaccinated by December.

  • On the topic of vaccines, Harris Brewis released another epic video essay this week, Vaccines: A Measured Response. It’s one of—perhaps the—best examples of the aesthetic of YouTube in the service of a polemic. It is an hour and 45 minutes, though, so it’s not a terrific fit if you’re looking for something to occupy you while you wash the dishes (unless something’s gone horribly wrong). Still, if you can squeeze it in somewhere, I highly recommend it. It prompted me to finally become a patron.

  • I’m not sure how this came across my radar (my memory is terrible) but I somehow found my way to a 2019 article in Scientific American about sex differences in personality (‘Taking Sex Differences in Personality Seriously’). The gist of the article is that there are significant personality differences in the average man and woman. It seemed relatively provocative and yet I wasn’t successful in finding much in the way of counterargument. Perhaps there was some at the time and I just haven’t been able to track it down. As the rationalists like to say, epistemological status: uncertain.

  • I purchased Limbo for the iPad (App Store). I’m not sure how much I’ll be playing it but the art direction is absolutely amazing and the developer being called Playdead is delightful. The best name for a game studio ever.

  • Eri continues working her way through her rewatch of the Great British Sewing Bee. She’s almost finished series five and I think it’s my favourite. I don’t know if we’ll really have time to watch series seven together before Eri delivers the baby but it’s something to look forward to watching together at some point.

  • Time for some hand clapping? Fitz and the Tantrums have you covered (Apple Music).

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