Weeknotes #69

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  • I finally released Flext! As expected, it did not set the world on fire but it felt good to get it out there. To give it an online home, I made a website for my ‘portfolio’ of apps.

  • I was pretty proud of the way I displayed the screenshot inside an iPhone and so I wrote an article about it.

  • Sunday was Mother’s Day. Eri has a soft spot for McDonald’s so I ordered some for lunch but we otherwise didn’t do anything special.

  • Golden Week this year extended until Wednesday which meant I only needed to log in to work on Thursday and Friday. On Tuesday, I took the kids on a bike ride as I rode over to Nerima, one of the surrounding suburbs of Tokyo. Emma and John weren’t especially thrilled. They much prefer it when we go to one of the nearby parks rather than spend half an hour on the bicycle as I pedal around. I did so this time partly because I wanted some exercise and partly to improve my knowledge of the local area. Our lease ends next year and we’re almost certain to move when that happens. The problem is where? Eri and I lack familiarity with Tokyo and trying to decide on a place to move is difficult when you don’t have much of a grasp of the area.

  • I’ve maintained the intermittent fasting regime I started two weeks ago but haven’t seen much progress. My weight has dipped ever so slightly but is still in the 72kg range. I’m not doing a good job when I break my fast of eating healthily and I suppose that’s the next thing to improve if I’m serious about getting it come down further.

  • I don’t remember how I came across this now (probably via Twitter) but I quite liked the sci-fi short ‘story’, Lena. I say ‘story’ because it’s written in the form of a Wikipedia article which is an interesting conceit.

  • Now that Flext is out, I’ve been thinking about making another app. This time I’d like to use SwiftUI and so spent a great amount of my ‘video watching’ time this week watching videos about it. I found Paul Hudson’s videos (YouTube) go down pretty easily.

  • I did finish season four of Deep Space Nine and it was… well, not really anti-climactic but as someone accustomed to sci-fi series from the 90s having gigantic, cliffhanger season finales, this one was surprisingly tame.

  • Did you think I’d get all the way through an update without mentioning the pandemic? I look forward to the day. Alas, things continued to get worse throughout Japan. Indeed, on Friday, the Government extended the state of emergency until the end of May and added two more prefectures to the number that are covered by the declaration (NHK). I need to go into work twice over the next two weeks and am feeling quite anxious.

  • I occasionally experience a bug with Apple Music where music that was in my library before I joined causes certain albums to have one of the songs replaced with a link to complete the album. One of the albums I was having an issue with was PJ Harvey’s Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (Apple Music). I tried removing the entire album from my library, waiting a couple of weeks and then adding it back. That seemed to do the trick and now it’s displaying correctly.

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