Weeknotes #64

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  • So this didn’t ‘happen’ this week, per se, but I’m going to take this month to announce that Eri and I have decided to have another child. The baby is due sometime in June and it’s expected to be a boy. We haven’t decided on a name yet.

  • There’s an outbreak of cases in the Osaka area and for the last week it’s had a higher number of detected cases per day than Tokyo. It’s difficult to know how much to believe the figures for Tokyo, though. I don’t think the numbers are being actively doctored but is the rate of testing high enough to have an accurate picture of the situation in Tokyo (Reuters)? And with the vaccine rollout proceeding as slowly as it is, are we we risking a mutation that is resistant to treatment?

  • Hopefully it wasn’t a bad idea but I took Emma and John out on Saturday to meet with Ferdinando and his daughter. Ferdinando and I both brought bicycles to ferry the kids and we went on something of a ‘tour’ of some of the parks in the area. Emma and John had a good time and it was really nice to talk to a friend in person again.

  • The end of March meant a mad dash to collect all the Continuing Professional Development points I need in order to renew my practising certificate for another year. The Law Society of New South Wales will let you count study you do that’s unrelated to the jurisdiction but with the pandemic, I’d done none of the mandatory ten hours. Ten hours (and $800 later) and I’m good for another year.

  • I finally started to feel like progress was being made in my rewrite of the CommonMark parser. Part of what had me stuck was finding a modular way to parse ‘inline’ elements that occur within block-level elements like paragraphs. I’m gauging my progress with reference to a JSON file of examples in the CommonMark specification (GitHub) and by Sunday, I was correctly parsing the first 100 examples. There are 608 in total.

  • Not coincidentally, the amount of time I’ve been putting into Japanese has suffered over the past week or so. I cannot seem to find a good balance between it, coding and everything else. Having a third child will of course make that problem even better.

  • On that topic, I’ve been squeezing in just about as much Rocket League as I can manage and while my competitive rank has gotten worse, I do feel as if my skill level has increased. I’m still not able to execute the kind of aerial manoeuvres I see more advanced players make but I can at least boost up to ‘header’ balls that are up in the air.

  • As regular readers would have surmised based on the music links at the end of each weeknote, I’m an Apple Music subscriber. While I generally quite like the service, this video tearing to shreds the macOS version of the Apple Music app had me in absolute tears.

  • Speaking of my music links, let’s end this week with Muse’s ‘Sunburn’ (Apple Music). I don’t remember hearing this in ages but it came up as a suggestion the other day and sparked a wave of nostalgia for my final year of high school.

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