Weeknotes #62

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  • The state of emergency was lifted for Tokyo (Reuters). As with previous waves, the ‘acceptable’ level following this third wave is higher than it was before the wave. In terms of vaccinations, the numbers still seem very low: rising from 40,000 per day at the beginning of the week to about 70,000 per day by the end (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

  • Emma finished school for the Japanese academic year. Her final year of preschool will start in April. It’s difficult to believe she’s been doing this for two years already.

  • We started John’s toilet training. That’s quite late (he’s already three and a half) but we were (a) lazy and (b) waiting until the weather was a bit warmer so that we could reduce the number of soiled items of clothing on each ‘miss’.

  • I really liked 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse the first time I saw it but Film Crit Hulk’s ‘Why SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Works - A Scene-By-Scene Breakdown’ (YouTube) really deepened my appreciation for what the script is doing. I watched the movie again and liked it so much I watched it for a third time with Emma and John.

  • This is actually from the week prior but I spent a bit of time working on a way to implement a standard library in Janet. A large number of Janet’s core functions are written in Janet and this is made possible by serialising this core environment into a byte array that is embedded in the janet binary. I took the same idea and implemented a module as a separate byte array that wasn’t loaded by default (thereby saving a bit of start-up time). The pull request was rejected but it was an interesting experience and helped me better understand how Janet works.

  • Eri and I were discussing pronunciation when she mentioned the odd way that Australians pronounce ‘data’ (i.e. ‘dah-ta’). I was sure this wasn’t the case but she was, of course, correct (YouTube) and this revelation is still ricocheting around my head days later.

  • I’m almost through the first two seasons of my rewatch of Law & Order. I still haven’t finished the eight episodes of Devs.

  • All the Spider-Verse rewatching meant a lot of ‘What’s Up Danger’ (Apple Music). It is an excellent song to listen to while you’re playing Rocket League.

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