Weeknotes #43

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  • Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election. It wasn’t the landslide that many (including me) had hoped for but it’s a huge relief nevertheless. Lamentably (if unsurprisingly), President Trump has yet to concede and many conservatives are peddling ridiculous conspiracy theories about voting irregularities. I want to believe this represents the end of a period of insanity in U.S. politics.

  • Speaking of Biden, I watched his victory address and Kamala Harris’ introduction (YouTube) live on Saturday with the kids. Well, to be more precise: I watched it and Emma and John gleefully ignored the television. The speech itself was a delightful reminder of what it used to sound like when the U.S. president spoke.

  • I wrote last week about how I wasn’t sure if I would order an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course, I ended up ordering one anyway. While it doesn’t have much my current phone doesn’t have, a combination of the improved camera in the iPhone 12 Pro and the fact that Eri would inherit my XS Max and its improved camera (over the 7+) was enough to get me to pull the trigger. It’s due to arrive on Friday. I also bought a HomePod Mini.

  • Speaking of last week, I hinted that I’d started work on a new project. That was an attempt to add custom parsers to Janet. As a proof of concept, I create a parser called Claret that makes Janet’s syntax closer to Clojure’s. Unfortunately, my pull request wasn’t met with the enthusiastic reaction I’d hoped it might receive. Perhaps an idea whose time has yet to come.

  • On the weekend, I took the kids over to Ferdinando’s place. It was nice to actually meet and chat with someone in person. Outside of the occasional work colleague, I don’t remember having done that since February.

  • My backlog of unread articles has built up again but I finally got to this incredible piece by Josh Dzieza about Foxconn’s ‘factory’ in Wisconsin. You might remember it as an example of how Donald Trump was bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Needless to say, that isn’t what happened.

  • I really got into a series of video essays (YouTube playlist) exploring (in perhaps excruciating detail) the therapist scenes in Good Will Hunting.

  • I found myself listening to a Morcheeba playlist during the week. I enjoy a lot of their music but if I had to pick a single track, it’d be ‘The Sea’ (Apple Music).

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