Weeknotes #40

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  • Emma’s pre-school held their sports festival on Monday. It was supposed to have been held the weekend prior but wet weather pushed things back. I wasn’t planning on attending but Eri forgot her phone and so I raced on foot to the pre-school pushing John in the pram like a madman. We managed to get there before anything had started but I had to dash back home for work and so unfortunately couldn’t stay to see Emma’s race. She placed second out of three and was very happy with the medals they gave to each of the kids.

  • While the weather on Monday was quite nice, it started to turn over the course of the week and by Friday was quite nasty: wet and cold. Perhaps not coincidentally both Emma and John came down with colds.

  • I reinstalled Karabiner-Elements. I use a Japanese Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard to prevent wrist strain and while it works pretty well with macOS, it’s been bugging me that the Application key (the key that would open a context menu in Windows) does almost nothing. ‘Almost nothing’ because if you are editing text it will insert an invisible character at the insertion point. I’ve now remapped it to showing Mission Control. As a bonus, using Karabiner means I can also get the 無変換 and 変換 keys to switch between English and Japanese.

  • After getting my weight down to around 69kg by apparently changing nothing, it’s back up to 71kg. I’m guessing it’s perhaps the weather? The temperature has dropped in the past few weeks and maybe my body is reacting to that. I’ve decided to take ‘drastic’ action and have stopped ordering the chips and karintō I eat as snacks.

  • I learnt more about the internals of Janet after working on a modification to the parser to recognise \ as a ‘dispatch’ character (somewhat analogous to how Clojure treats #). How long can I go avoiding working more on Flext? Suffice it to say I have another project I’ve started that I’ll probably write about next week so at least a bit longer!

  • I played a little Star Wars: Squadrons but not much. I have the same frustrations with it that I expected: it’s too difficult to do cool shit. I talked about it with Rob and I think it should be easy to do the equivalent of a power slide. This would make it a lot more of an arcade space sim but it’s already pretty arcadey. Oh, and the Star Destroyers should be a lot bigger.

  • I was listening to a playlist Apple Music has of rock songs from 1996 and finally learnt the title and artist for Dishwalla’s Counting Blue Cars (Apple Music).

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