Weeknotes #39

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  • I went into work again on Monday. There definitely appeared to be more people on the train than there have been in the past couple of months which made me a little uncomfortable but that was at least partly offset by the fact that everyone I saw was wearing a mask. There are times where it’s frustrating to live in Japan but it’s nice to be in a country where this isn’t an ongoing struggle.

  • Can you believe I started working on yet another piece of software? This one is in Janet again and is my first attempt at making an abstract type in Janet. It was a lot of fun. This one is called Outfool. I do think I’ll move back to Flext next week. I’ve decided I’ll drop the Mac app for now and release what I have for iOS.

  • As my occasional posts to Micro.blog/Twitter attest, I’ve greatly enjoyed watching the NBA Finals this past week. In fact, the entire bubble experience has been great and the NBA deserves a huge amount of praise for their staging of what can only have been an incredibly difficult event to organise and run. Where so many institutions in the United States have failed so completely, it’s refreshing (or maybe just a relief?) for something to actually work. My understanding is that the 2020-2021 season isn’t expected to begin until at least February and it might well be a lot later. I’m really going to miss basketball.

  • Eri and I debated whether it would be a good idea to buy a car. We live out in the suburbs and it’s difficult getting around with only a bicycle. One of the options would be to lease. That doesn’t seem especially common in Japan but I had a quick look online and there’s at least one reputable-looking company offering vehicles that way.

  • It’s a month old at this point but I got around to reading the second part of Eugene Wei’s analysis of Tik Tok. It was as good as the first and worth your time if you have any interest in user interface design.

  • I continued slowly making my way through the various TV shows I’m watching (Devs, Law & Order, Lovely Complex) while the movies I have in my queue continue to pile up.

  • Rocket League took up an exceptional amount of my time this weekend. I’ve recently started playing competitively and I’m finding it’s horribly addictive. In what I think most people would agree is a stunning feat of rationalisation, I purchased Star Wars: Squadrons with the hope that it would lessen the amount of time I’m playing RL. We’ll see how that goes.

  • The ‘00’s Workout’ playlist (Apple Music) was my jam this week. Lots of good, trashy 2000s-era pop in there if that’s your kind of thing.

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