Weeknotes #37

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  • I continued working on Ecstatic and continued avoiding releasing Flext. Ecstatic will now generate a website from a set of files, similar to Jekyll. It can also generate archives for the blog posts that it finds. Before I consider it at version 1, I want it to include a development web server and a way to watch for changes to a watched directory. The former is easy enough to do with Circlet; the latter is proving to be not so straightforward.

  • I switched my iPhone system language to English. I’ve been running my iPhones in Japanese since I got my first one (or at least that’s how I remember it). Partly it was a way to practise reading Japanese, partly it was because it’s the only way to have your Contacts offer proper sorting of Japanese names. The thing is that since I basically never call anyone in my Contacts, how their name is sorted isn’t really that critical.

  • As my updates over the week attest, I’ve had a fun time watching the NBA Conference Finals. Part of me was disappointed that the Denver Nuggets were unable to advance but part of me enjoys watching LeBron James defy time. I never thought I’d consider anyone could top Michael Jordan on my ‘greatest of all time’ list but James is making me question that.

  • Eri has a couple of Western TV shows that she tends to rewatch periodically and one of them is The Mentalist (Wikipedia). After seeing people compare it to Psych (Wikipedia), we decided to give that a go but couldn’t make it through the first episode. I’m not sure if it improves but I found the humour horribly forced and the POV shots where the protagonist uses his hypersensitive observation skills profoundly distracting. Give me Simon Baker smiling coyly any day of the week.

  • Monday and Tuesday were public holidays and I took the kids out on the bicycle on Monday and promptly managed to puncture the back wheel so badly I had to push the bike home. Fortunately, I was able to get it repaired the next day at the new(ish) cycle shop that opened a few months back. Eri and I are almost certainly getting Emma a bicycle as a present for either Christmas or her birthday so it was also a good excuse to check out their range.

  • How good a songwriter is Neil Finn? The answer—via Clare Bowditch—is very good (Apple Music).

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