Weeknotes #35

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  • It’s almost my birthday. In some ways it feels very strange to be rapidly approaching 40. I find myself wondering if my father felt like this. For me, he was born in his mid-40s and will in some ways always be that age in my mind. And yet I feel very much like I’m in my early-20s. Is there a point at which that’s going to change?

  • One of the advantages of being in the time zone I’m in is that NBA games are typically played in the morning. As we’ve got deeper into this year’s playoffs, I’ve taken to setting up the iPad on my desk after I log in to work and leaving the games running in the background. While my team—the San Antonio Spurs—missed out this year, there have been a tonne of great games and it’s been terrific to have been able to watch so many live. The ‘bubble’ environment that the NBA set up in Walt Disney World has worked really well but I wonder what they’re going to do next season.

  • I can’t say I was as delighted with the end of Cowboy Bebop. This is a series I’d started numerous times since it came out in 1998 and never quite got around to finishing. Eri and I finally did it on Sunday night and were both left feeling severely let-down. I’ll maintain to the day I die that the show’s opening theme is the greatest theme song of all time but I do think that’s really the highlight of the show.

  • My monthly medical checkup was on Monday and once again I went to Mos Burger to enjoy my beloved Mos Yasai Burger. So far, I’ve not contracted COVID-19 with these forays and hopefully that streak is not about to be broken.

  • I notified the other maintainers working on the Rouge project that I intended to resign as a maintainer after the monthly release in December. I made the decision somewhat impulsively. The last few months I’ve really struggled to be motivated to work on Rouge rather than any of the other projects I’ve started and I don’t really see that changing.

  • Speaking of other projects, while Flext is very slowly moving forward as I wrap up the Mac version, I did make an icon for it of which I’m quite proud. The text on the pieces of paper is Steve Jobs’ famous quote about computers being bicycles for the mind.

  • I found myself wishing Chris Martin played the guitar more like he does on my favourite Coldplay song, ‘Spies’ (Apple Music).

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