Weeknotes #34

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  • I got a haircut. I can’t work out if this was actually the longest period of time I’ve gone since getting my hair cut. In my final year of university, I decided for some reason to see how long I could get my hair and so it’s not the first time I’ve gone months between trips to the barber. This was certainly the longest involuntary period of hair-growing.

  • My adventures making a Mac app continued. Is this an elaborate scheme to avoid actually shipping the iOS version of my app? Possibly!

  • Emma started going to preschool again. She was ecstatic last Sunday night but already by Wednesday didn’t want to get ready and had adopted a ‘too cool for school’ affect.

  • John’s speech impediment keeps coming and going. It’s not as extreme as it was when it first began but he does have a stutter. It could be the continued stress of staying indoors for a large amount of the time but Eri did take him to the park a couple of times during the week so perhaps this is something that is more of an ongoing thing.

  • Tom Greenwell’s article about a plan to fully fund public and private primary schools in Australia as a means to reducing the inequity in Australian schooling is fascinating. I’ve long thought the optimal (if completely impractical) solution was to require attendance at public schools (private schools then becoming purely extra-curricular) but this has me really thinking if this isn’t the answer.

  • I mentioned a few months back that I was working my way through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s not really a rewatch, because the truth is that I never actually saw all 176 episodes. I wrote positively about the show in March and I still feel the same: it’s easy to see why this is a beloved series. It’s particularly interesting to see how a show that was praised at the time for its darker tone is so tame by modern standards (especially compared to shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard that are ostensibly in the same universe). My favourite character when I saw it originally was Garak, but this time around it’s Gul Dukat. Really I just love the Cardassians.

  • Why did the Avalanches release a remix of the Chemical Brothers’ 1999 track ‘Out of Control’ in 2019? I’m not sure. I don’t love it as much as the original but see what you think (Apple Music).

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