Weeknotes #33

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  • I added some more polish to my iOS app, Flext.

  • So immediately after write the preceding sentence, something inside of me snapped and I decided that I needed to get Flext to work on the Mac. What happened? Allow me to digress slightly.

  • Before Flext became all-consuming of my time, I’d spent the last year or so helping to administer the syntax highlighting library, Rouge. When I still went out regularly, a lot of this work was done on my phone. Crucially, this included writing commit messages for pull requests I’d squash via GitHub’s web interface. I don’t know if anyone else really cared, but whenever I did this, I tried to follow the custom of wrapping commit messages at 72 characters.

  • It turns out wrapping commit messages at 72 characters on your phone sucks. It especially sucks if you write your commit messages in Markdown and want the wrapping to do intelligent things like hanging indents. When I started looking around for relatively simple ideas for my first iOS app, a text-wrapping utility quickly rose to the top.

  • The problem is that with the combination of (1) an unhealthy amount of time being spent indoors and (2) an unhealthy amount of time being spent in Xcode, the occasions where I need an iOS app that intelligently wraps Markdown at 72 characters has fallen to practically zero. Of course, I am still writing a lot of commit messages in Markdown. Indeed, what I really need right now is a Mac app that intelligently wraps Markdown at 72 characters.

  • Fortunately, given the work I’d already done to make Flext work well on the iPad, it didn’t take too long to get things to this point. Maybe by next week I’ll have added a watchOS version.

  • I’ve long been fascinated by the differences between the way the law operates in the U.S. and the way it operates in other common law countries. There’s more to it than this, but I thought Ben Evans hit on something in this piece:

    The US tends to have a rules-based, lawyer-led system that moves forward one court case at a time, whereas Europe tends to have a principle-based, outcome-based, practitioner-led system.

  • I came across the Wikipedia article for ‘echomimetic’ via Paul Mucur’s Weeknotes 41. The article isn’t written particularly well but I did appreciate the amount of shade it appeared to direct at the word ‘onomatopoeia’.

  • AC/DC’s ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ is still a pretty great song (Apple Music).

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