Weeknotes #14

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  • Emma started playing video games on the Apple TV using a PS4 controller (for the record, the game was The Vehicles). I have to admit to a little bit of pride and excitement—I’m hopeful that one day playing video games is something we can do together.

  • Actually, it wasn’t just pride and excitement. There was also a little trepidation. Should the kids be playing games at all? Are we limiting the growth of their imaginations by not emphasising books more? Emma and John both have (old) iPad Minis that we allow them to play once or twice a day (we don’t actually have ‘screen time’ per se but there are some loose rules) and maybe that’a similarly a mistake. On the other hand, I still play the occasional video game and it would feel hypocritical to tell them to do as say, not as I do.

  • My Safari reading list is buckling under the weight as the articles I save there to read later keep growing. I did manage to get to this interview between Kawakami and Haruki Murakami in which Kawakami, among other things, probes at Murakami’s less than stellar record regarding female characters. The whole exchange prompted me to look into Kawakami’s Wikipedia page and she sounds like a fascinating person. I’m looking forward to reading some of her work.

  • For a third weekend in a row, we went to the ‘secret’ park we’ve been visiting. Well, the secret is apparently out because there were a handful of families this week. John is one of those kids that is always excited to play with other children and tried his best to communicate with everyone around him. Unfortunately, he mostly speaks in a dialect of English that is intelligible only to Eri and I and so was generally ignored. One girl who looked about 2 or 3 kept chiding him for not speaking Japanese.

  • Working from home has been awful for my dieting attempts. I’ve not done well at resisting the urge to snack and that, combined with an almost complete lack of exercise, isn’t doing my waistline any favours. I’ve put on two kilos since the state of emergency was declared and I’m not sure it’ll stop there. Prompted in part by that, I decided to start running again. I went last night and, despite feeling pretty exhausted after a 20-minute run, was glad to have done it. I’ll be trying again tonight.

  • Eri’s latest show has been the Japanese drama, Dele. I haven’t watched every episode but I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen so far. Enough so that I want to go back and watch it over from the beginning (there are only 8 episodes). It’s on Japanese Netflix but not sure if it’s available in other markets.

  • A convoluted series of events led to me listening to Jurassic 5’s Freedom again. I love the entire album but if I had to choose a favourite song it would have to be ‘A Day at the Races’ (Apple Music).

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