Weeknotes #13

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  • This week I was supposed to read All You Need Is Kill, the Japanese ‘light novel’ on which the movie Edge of Tomorrow is based. Some university friends and I were going to read it as a socially distant book club book but I’m not sure anyone has made much progress. You, perhaps like me, imagined self-quarantining was going to lead to all this extra time to read/watch/listen to/play all the things sitting in your backlog and yet somehow that backlog has only grown bigger. My podcast queue in particular keeps expanding inexorably.

  • I was at least semi-productive when it came to Rouge, the syntax highlighting library I help maintain. Indeed, at times it felt like I did little else outside of it and the kids. This seems to be the way that my work on this project generally proceeds now: periods of almost benign neglect interrupted by manic stretches of quasi-compulsive development.

  • We took Emma and John to the park again on Saturday. There were a few more people than previously but the particular one we’re visiting is still mostly empty whenever we go there. Eri and I are a little worried about the amount of exercise that the kids are getting: other than that excursion on Saturday, they didn’t leave the house at all this week. And yet it’s difficult to see much else we could be doing if we want to keep apart from other people.

  • In the barest of perceptible nods to constructive parenting, I bought the kids a Casio keyboard. I’m not entirely sure what use they’ll make of it. Neither Eri nor I can play the piano and I’m not sure how interested Emma and John are at learning it. That said, it was relatively inexpensive and I thought it might at least give them something new to play with. Emma’s done a good job so far of exploring the tower-building potential of her Duplo blocks but one does presume that can only be taken so far.

  • We didn’t end up doing anything for Easter. If things hadn’t been what they were, I think I would have tried to make a bigger deal out of it but as it was, we just let it slip by. There’s always next year. Or so one hopes.

  • Not much to report content-wise. I’m still loving Westworld but my favourite thing I watched this week was Alt Shift X’s video on the game Cookie Clicker.

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