Weeknotes #8

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  • This week included the fifth anniversary of Eri and I registering our marriage. I wish I could report that we’d done something significant to mark the occasion but we didn’t. It’s difficult with the kids and, to a lesser extent, COVID-19.

  • Speaking of the kids, I have to admit that they’re not the complete time sucks that they used to be. Or perhaps I’m more willing to leave them be than I was when they were younger. In either case, I’ve found more time here and there to play Rocket League. While I worry that the pool of players is gradually drying up, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a string of excellent matches on Saturday night where it finally felt like I was able to reliably anticipate events in the game.

  • It is not lost on me that I bemoaned not having the time to celebrate my anniversary with my wife before immediately writing about playing a game that came out almost five years ago. We all have our cross to bear. This is my wife’s.

  • I wrote in an earlier draft of this post that I thought I had finally got my IRC client working with ZNC. I was wrong on that. On the plus side, I think the issue might actually be the IRC server software (I chat with my friend Raphael on a private IRC server I run). Well, that software was updated this weekend and I hurried to install the latest version. Let’s check back next week and see how that went.

  • I’ve arguably buried the lede but I released the first version of Pondent. In fact, this post was posted to this blog with it.

  • The weekend was spent mostly indoors and involved Emma and John watching far too many Disney movies. I was disappointed my not coincidental post (also a tweet) about the production logo that begins Disney movies didn’t go viral.

  • There are certain songs that immediately return you to some formative moment of your youth. Better than Ezra’s 1996 single ‘Desperately Wanting’ (Apple Music) does that for me. Put it on and it’s 2am and I’m a 15-year-old on IRC listening to Sydney’s Triple M.

  • There was a very good discussion of the role of reason in modern life in a recent episode of Radio National’s the Philosopher’s Zone. I really should have written the precise wording down but the comment that’s stuck with me the most is the observation that reason justifies, it doesn’t persuade. As someone who, particularly as a 15-year-old, wrapped up a great deal of my identity in high school debating that both rings true and depresses me greatly.

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