Weeknotes #4

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  • It was truly dispiriting to see that of the Republican senators participating in the impeachment trial of President Trump, only Mitt Romney had the courage to vote guilty. I’m not sure how you can honestly look at the evidence and conclude that it didn’t warrant removal.

  • Related: Adam Schiff’s 25-minute closing argument was one of the most remarkable pieces of oratory I’ve ever heard.

  • On Tuesday, I attended the most recent Tokyo Rubyist Meetup. Once we moved to Tokyo in 2015, it became very difficult to go out after work and so this was the first meetup I’ve been to in more than four years. I felt pretty awkward in my suit while everyone else was in programmer casual.

  • I decided to move my microblog (i.e. the thing you’re reading right now) to my own server. I plan to continue paying for Micro.blog as I support the mission but I want more control over how my blog looks and feels. Hence the new URL scheme! (I haven’t put a redirect in place for the old links but will be doing that soon.)

  • I didn’t read much online this week but went on a blogging binge and ripped off three articles in as many days: ‘The ARM Mac’, ‘Four Months with the Apple Watch Series 5’ and ‘RSS in the Age of Newsletters’.

  • I started watching Star Trek: Picard about two weeks ago and while the first episode didn’t do much for me, I watched episode two and three back to back last week. While I don’t think it’s bad, I’m very tired of the grimdark tone of this and Discovery. This probably deserves a fuller treatment but my contention is that the problem with Trek is that the galaxy has effectively been explored at this point and all that’s left is threats from within. My suggestion to Rob was for the franchise to be ‘rebooted’ by having some natural disaster occur in subspace such that interstellar communication networks all break down. That in turn causes the Federation, the Klingon Empire, etc to fracture. A new series is set 50 years after that event (i.e. in the future relative to all the Trek series that have happened so far) with a crew going out and exploring again to see what’s happened.

  • After piking out of my responsibility to cook dinner on Sunday night, I was dismayed to discover that the local Dominos Pizza no longer delivers to our area. I felt a bit guilty that it’s probably because I never order from there unless I can find a killer deal. That guilt was tempered by the obscenity of paying ¥3000 for two medium-sized pizzas from Pizza Hut.

  • Yoshe told me to listen to the Chats and her description of them as ‘bogan kind of garage punk’ was apt. It’s difficult to pick their most Australian song but ‘The Clap’ must be in the top three (Apple Music).

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